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Panel of Experts

The Custers
Seasonal downturn but some underlying strength

4Q’14 global electronic equipment growth (+0.3% vs 4Q’13) dropped to its lowest level since early 2013 but surprisingly semiconductor shipments (+9.3%) held strong. Viewed by sector of the electronic supply chain, world fourth quarter growth varied significantly by product group with com- munication equipment, datacom and medical strong and military, instruments and SEMI equipment showing weakness among the electronic equipment end markets.

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Joe Fjelstad
Thought Experiment: “What might the electronics industry look like if it was to start anew today?”

If one marks the birth of the electronics industry with the first volume production of printed circuits at the end of World War II just over 70 years ago then the industry is presently entering its eighth decade. Those first 70 years have seen amazing growth in terms of markets, market size increase and technological innovation. The journey to today has been marked by many twists and turns as engineers have wrestled with ways to make each new generation of product better, faster, smaller and cheaper.

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Craig Hillman
Physics of failure

When I tell people that I am a practitioner of physics of failure, the response is typically predictable:
I either get a blank look, or a large smile breaks out as if landsman has been discovered after many years in the wilderness.
What is physics of failure? In some respects, that is a good question. Historically, there are some nice academic definitions that will tend to put you to sleep.  

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Show Central

NEPCON China 2015

From April 21 to April 23, 2015, at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, the 25th edition of NEPCON China will bring together over 500 well-known electronics manufacturers from 22 countries and regions. Come to the show to discuss the latest industry trends and see the leading technologies with over 21,000 other visitors. Top quality and abundant opportunity await you at NEPCON China 2015!

Visit our Show Central area for NEPCON China 2015 to see what's in store on the show floor.

SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015

With the Open Source Workshop on Wednesday, 6 May 2015 in the afternoon, SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015 presents a new workshop concept. Unlike other workshops, all participants actively discuss three different subject areas of the “Challenges of 3D-IC Integration for PCB Technologies”. Each group is supervised by a moderator who guides the time-limited discussions in the respective subject areas. After the show, the results will be summarized and made available to the participants.

Visit our Show Central area for SMT Hybrid Packaging to see what's in store on the show floor.

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