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DecaWave wins “best technology development for RTLS/WSN” at IDTechEx Boston

DecaWave, the pioneering fabless semiconductor company specialising in ultra wideband (UWB) technology for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)  and Wireless Sensor Networks  (WSN), has taken the prestigious “Best Technology Development for RTLS/WSN” award at the leading sensor industry show IDTechEx in Boston.  IDTechEx specialises in research and analysis in printed electronics, RTLS, energy harvesting and their applications.  It is the first time the ScenSor sample has been shown in public.

As DecaWave’s flagship product, ScenSor uses UWB technology to locate objects to a precision of 10cm – far superior to the capability of existing RTLS products.   Among its unique benefits, ScenSor  offers  best in class line-of-sight (500m) and non-line-of-sight range (45m);  and it is a physically small chip (7mm2 90nm TSMC) with resultant  cost savings .  Finally ScenSor utilises very low power consumption: a transmit power consumption that is 50 times lower, and receive consumption that is 20 times lower than existing products.

“This is a particularly welcome award for DecaWave and ScenSor, as we regard it as an imprimatur from industry peers,” said Ciaran Connell CEO DecaWave. “ScenSor brings the benefits of location capability to the existing WSN market and the benefits of mesh networking to RTLS, thereby causing these two markets to converge and expand significantly,” he said.

Since going into development, ScenSor has attracted interest from over 800 firms and research institutes from around the world, operating in markets as diverse as agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, smart housing, security, transport, and inventory & supply chain management.  DecaWave recently announced €2m funding to complete its test chip sampling program, and is currently raising Series B investment to bring ScenSor to mass production.


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