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Thought leaders animate a vibrant debate on sustainable electronics manufacturing at the “Electronics Day” in Nuremberg

Industry News

The second “Electronics Day” held by the Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing (SEM) Working Group went live on the occasion of the SMT Hybrid Packaging 2011 show in Nuremberg. Bringing thought leadership from key experts of the electronics industry, discussions on sustainable paradigms in electronics manufacturing were brought to the next level, following the successful inaugural “Electronics Day” held in Milan in November, 2010, under the patronage of the President of the Council of Italian Ministers, as well as the Italian Ministry of the Environment. On that occasion a group of industry experts was created to foster a new philosophy of active support to the issue of sustainability, aiming to drive the electronics manufacturing industry in the direction of eco-friendly measures.

As mentioned by Dr. Dongkai Shangguan, VP Technology and Engineering of Flextronics International and Board Member of the SEM Working Group, in opening the conference sessions, "the objective of sustainable electronics manufacturing is to minimize any adverse impact on people (both people who make the products and people who use the products) and on the environment (what is taken from the environment - resources such as materials and energy, and what is imposed on the environment - waste, pollution, etc), during the entire product life cycle. Technology and innovation are critical to enabling and advancing this objective. The SEM Working Group’s objective is to foster collaborative work to define an industry roadmap that is focused, holistic, proactive, rational and actionable."

Advances made for the sake of sustainable electronics manufacturing were discussed from both a technology perspective and also from a facility management standpoint, and from the point of view of both large and small enterprises. Quality, design, miniaturization, as well as durability of electronic products and manufacturing systems were investigated as key drivers to reduce environmental impact of electronics manufacturing.

The program of the conference sessions included the active participation of key experts who illustrated how technology and innovation can enable and advance sustainable electronics manufacturing. Speakers representing, ST Microelectronics, C-Tech Innovation, Assembléon, Koh Young, Mentor Graphics, Atotech, Indium, Verdant Electronics, Isorg, Zestron and OnBoard Technology shared their vision over the three sessions, concluded by a roundtable debating how the efforts made by the advocates of sustainable electronics manufacturing at the different levels of the value chain should aim to be rationalized within a holistic approach (

As an industry-wide initiative, the SEM Working Group involves industry players from all sectors, key international publications, events and associations to collaborate on and support a radical change in the paradigms of electronics manufacturing. It invites the players of the electronics industry to voluntarily embrace environment-friendly measures for the sake of driving the market while preserving the planet. Among the media partners, events and supporting organizations that led to the successful outcome of this new initiative are Sustainability Magazine, OnBoard Technology, EMSnow!, PLUS, PCB Magazine, Global Identification, ID WORLD, Sustainability Summit, SMT/Hybrid/Packaging and IMAPS.

The May 4 “Electronics Day” was organized by Wise Media and hosted by Mesago, who is among the event organizers supporting the SEM Working Group. The event was supported by Mentor Graphics (signature sponsor) and by Assembléon, Avnet and Koh Young (sponsors).

“We met in Nuremberg to pose fundamental questions to key players involved in electronics manufacturing, and learned from them the key motivating factors and the rationale behind their drive to embrace greener processes,” said Sophie B. de la Giroday, organizer of the Electronics Day. “The SEM Working Group will continue to advocate for a new philosophy where environmental policies are not only adopted passively by the manufacturers to comply with regulations, but embraced actively as a smart instrument for competitiveness.”

The SEM Working Group continues its drive with a number of appointments in Europe and the US, culminating in November at the SEM Working Group Appointment in Milan on the occasion of the Sustainability Summit Sessions 2011 on November 3 and the SEM Working Group Appointment in Munich on the occasion of Productronica on November 16.

The aim of this series of appointments is to provide an opportunity for high-caliber networking and sharing of top-level know-how between the movers and shakers of this new environment-friendly initiative, created to offer vision and thought leadership so that one of the most important industries world-wide can reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

For further information on the SEM Working Group and the “Electronics Day”, please visit:

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