Austin American Technology introduces new semi-aqueous batch cleaner

Austin American Technology CorporatION has added the new Mega ION SA TM, semi-aqueous batch cleaner to it’s family of “Earth Smart” technology cleaners. This new cleaner is designed to use “semi-aqueous” organic solvents requiring a water rinse. Semi-aqueous cleaning is a two step cleaning process where the flux and other organic residues are removed with […]

Mycronic receives order for a Prexision-8 mask writer

Mycronic AB (publ), has received an order for a mask writer from the Prexision series for display applications from a customer in Asia. The system is scheduled to be delivered during the fourth quarter of 2016. Mycronic offers mask writers for the manufacturing of photomasks within different fields of application. These areas are display manufacturing […]

Altus Group receive a significant order from electronics manufacturer

Altus Group, a distributor of capital equipment for the electronics assembly industry has received a significant new order from Exception EMS, to provide the company with a nitrogen capable, production reflow soldering system, from Rehm, Germany. The system will be installed into the UK facility of Exception EMS, a contract electronics manufacturing solutions provider. The […]

Are You Prepared for Change?

China’s government has just approved a new 5-year plan as its central bank cut both interest rates and the reservere quirement ratio for banks, in a bid to revive slowing economic growth. Does your company have a 5-year plan? Do the key members of your supply chain have one? Is it shared with you? Does […]

IDTechEx Research: Profitable niches in the electric vehicles market

The global market for land, water and air electric vehicles is growing and changing rapidly.  Vehicles are electrifying at a breakneck speed and they are being completely reinvented with developments in many components and systems. Disruptive change and significant technological innovation is now being seen across all forms of electric vehicles for land, water and […]

Ventec International expands USA operations with investment in new equipment for high reliability & Mil/Aero applications

Ventec International Group, a world leader in the production of polyimide & high reliability epoxy laminates and prepregs, is expanding its United States operational capability by investing in new prepreg manufacturing equipment.  In order to capture growth opportunities in the markets it serves with a focus on high reliability, military and aerospace applications, two Pasquato […]

Growing Through Joint Venture: A Roadmap of One EMS Provider’s Journey

One of the biggest challenges for regional electronics manufacturing services (EMS) providers wishing to grow to the next level is expanding multi-nationally. This often is a chicken and an egg scenario. In order to have competitive costs, the scale of the international operation must be large enough to absorb its overhead costs. Yet, most customers […]

Perfect Timing?

There is a saying that timing is everything and Mr Soni SaranSingh of NMTronics, India has managed to time his growth strategy to perfection.Just as his country is benefiting from the first year of the ‘Make in India’government initiative and the mood of the whole electronics manufacturing industry is buoyant, he embarks on a huge […]

Display port connectors

The Display Port interface is the next consistent development of connectors that permit higher transmission rates for devices like high-resolution displays. In the consumer market segment, this interface has already become established as standard for the loss-free transmission of high-resolution video and sound. Its primary application is to connect screens and televisions to computers, DVD […]