• 2023 IPC Apex

    Global SMT TV

    Show floor

    IPC’s CTO Matt Kelly in conversation with Trevor Galbraith at IPC APEX 2023

    IPC’s Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac in conversation with Trevor Galbraith at IPC APEX 2023

    Gene Weiner in conversation with Trevor Galbraith at IPC APEX 2023

    Planning your digitization and automation roadmap

    Don Dennison and Murray Percival interview

    Mirtec launch the Genesys CC Conformal Coating System

    Kyzen upgrade Process Control System

    Scienscope IMS-200 does the work of four operators

    ViTrox show cobot driven inspection systems

    Aegis release key updates to FactoryLogix platform

    Critical Manufacturing release multi-site MES software

    Emerald Group expand their digitization and automation strategy

    BTU launch Profile Tracer

    Austin American acquires Aquaklean

    Siemens add Cybord technology to Supply Frame

    Transition Automation show tool-free squeegee blade changeover

    ECD launch the new M.O.L.E. EV6

    Microcare offer alternatives to 3M Novec fluids

    YXLON release the new Cheetah Evo Semi x-ray system

    Nordson Test & Inspection acquisition of CyberOptics

    VISCOM launch two new x-ray systems

    Data IO announce programming speed increase of forty percent

    Extrude to Fill demonstrate plastic molding for sensitive electronics

    Kurtz Ersa celebrate 25 years with many product upgrades

    Essemtec demonstrate new feeder technology

    Hanwha Techwhin launch the new XM520 mounter

    ARCH Systems describe their Insights SaaS service

    Koh Young show AI technology working towards automatic control

    Panasonic Connect reduce changeover cycle times

    Mycronic introduce a range of new products

    Brooks Automation introduce multi-axis cobots

    ECD launch their new M.O.L.E. V6

    January 24th LIVE Debates

    10:00am (PCT), 1:00pm (EST), 6:00pm (GMT), 7:00pm (CET)

    Tech Talk – Live from IPC APEX Expo


    10:45am (PCT), 1:45pm (EST), 6:45pm (GMT), 7:45pm (CET)

    Planning your digitization and automation roadmap

    All EMS manufacturers need to be developing a clear strategy and roadmap for their digital transformation journey. This panel will discuss how to invest in the right technologies and tools to support these goals and build a cross-functional team with the skills and expertise needed to drive transformation.


    11:30am (PCT), 2:30pm (EST), 7:30pm (GMT), 8:30pm (CET)

    Electric Vehicles – what is the roadmap for sustainable, environmentally-friendly cars?

    Not everyone is convinced Electric Vehicles are ready for prime time. Significant gaps remain in the technology roadmap and there are many manufacturing and reliability challenges. This panel will examine and discuss these challenges.


    12:30am (PCT), 3:30pm (EST), 8:30pm (GMT), 9:30pm (CET)

    Reliability Matters – with Mike Konrad


    January 25th LIVE Debates

    9:00am (PCT), 12:00pm (EST), 5:00pm (GMT), 6:00pm (CET)

    Tech Talk – Live from IPC APEX Expo


    09:45am (PCT), 12:45pm (EST), 5:45pm (GMT), 6:45pm (CET)

    Materials management within the factory

    The biggest financial gain for EMS manufacturers in recent years has been improved inventory control and improved materials management, which ultimately reduces machine downtime. What are the latest technologies in this space?


    10:30am (PCT), 1:30pm (EST), 6:30pm (GMT), 7:30pm (CET)

    Etching, cleaning and coating for harsh environments

    Increasingly harsh environments are driving the need for better substrate preparation before coating. This panel will discuss the pros and cons of cleaning, etching and surface preparation.


    11:15am (PCT), 2:15pm (EST), 7:15pm (GMT), 8:15pm (CET)

    Reliability Matters – with Mike Konrad


    January 26th LIVE Debates

    09:30am (PCT), 12:30pm (EST), 5:30pm (GMT), 6:30pm (CET)

    Inspection techniques in a miniaturized world

    Inspection technologies have evolved in recent years beyond visual comparison techniques to include metrology and sophisticated data-driven process and line control systems. This panel will discuss recent developments and the challenges of miniaturization.


    10:15am (PCT), 1:15pm (EST), 6:15pm (GMT), 7:15pm (CET)

    The marketing landscape – media, trade shows and social media

    How has Covid changed the marketing landscape? What are the latest trends in trade shows, social media and B2B messaging. This panel will feature some of the industry’s leading experts.


    11:15am (PCT), 2:15pm (EST), 7:15pm (GMT), 8:15pm (CET)

    Tech Talk – Live from IPC APEX Expo (Show Wrap Up)

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