• 2023 Productronica Munich

    Productronica Munich 2023

    Show Floor Videos

    MIRTEC make two major new product introductions

    SAKI launch 3Xi M110 inline x-ray system

    SaSinno introduce a dual-flux selective soldering machine

    Arcadia presented a smart component storage cart and stencil storage system.

    Scienscope reveal multiple materials management upgrades and a new stencil managagement system

    Vayo introduce a stencil verification tool

    SurfX offer modular plasma systems for system integration

    Electronics manufacturing in India takes off!

    Plasmatreat introduces new plasma cleaning process

    Vayo introduce stencil design improvement tool

    Brooks Automation demonstrate the PreciseFlex

    Pemtron Athina TPI inspection system

    Koh Young upgrade the Zenith UHS platform

    ESSEMTEC add 2D inspection to Puma platform

    VISCOM add a range of new inspection systems

    Data IO upgrade the ConneX and VerifyBoost platforms

    Gunter Lauber describes his new role as Chief Stragy Officer at ASMPT

    Josef Ernst discusses digitization and automation in electronics manufacturing




    Productronica 2023 Show wrap-up

    ViTrox demonstrates the new V9i and the V810i 3D

    Impossible Objects discuss the benefits of 3D printed fixtures

    ITWEAE - Retained to maintain viewer number count

    KYZEN's Tom Forsythe discusses sustainability

    SEHO employ multiple energy saving systems in their selective soldering systems

    THE KEITH BRYANT SHOW - David Greenman

    THE KEITH BRYANT SHOW - Michael Hinshaw

    THE KEITH BRYANT SHOW - Rocka Systems


    BTU demonstrates the feature-rich Aurora platform

    REHM introduce shutter system to save 20 percent nitrogen

    Nordson Electronics present the new Quadra 7 Pro x-ray and a new inline x-ray system

    ASYS Group introduces a suite of new products

    TRI demonstrate solutions for AOI, X-ray and LED inspection using AI

    Humiseal release Sharp Edge Coverage at Productronica

    Tagarno launches a very futuristic microscope platform

    ITW demonstrate their dispensers and selective soldering systems

    MODUS launch the Sense 3D

    Panasonic show the NPM - G mounter series

    smtXtra discuss their global footprint and service

    Yamaha introduce multiple new machines

    Tech Talk Live – 09:20am (EST), 15:20 (CET)

    Trevor Galbraith sets the stage on the state of the industry with representatives from the leading trade associations.

    Reshoring and The EU Chips Act – 10:05am (EST), 16:05 (CET)

    As the electronics supply chain realigns, this panel will discuss the EU Chips Act and it’s ability to meet the industry’s supply chain needs.

    EV challenges – 10:50am (EST), 16:50 (CET)

    The USA and Europe are careering towards the 2035 deadlines with still many technical, storage and capacity issues unresolved. This panel will discuss these issues.

    Global Technology Awards – 12 noon (EST), 18:00 (CET) – Forum in Hall A1

    The Global Technology Awards ceremony is the most prestigious award in our industry. Come along and watch the presentation, celebrating the best manufacturers of equipment, materials and services in the electronics manufacturing industry.

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    Tech Talk Live – 09:20am (EST), 15:20 (CET)

    Process Control Software systems – 10:05am (EST), 16:05 (CET)

    Process control software is the control end of inspection systems. How can they be optimized and developed to drive production towards the end goal of ‘predictive testing’?

    ESG and sustainability in electronics manufacturing – 10:50am (EST), 16:50 (CET)

    Environmental, Social and Governmental risk management is complex, interconnected and difficult. This panel will explain some of the techniques and strategies used by EMS companies.

    Tech Talk Live – 09:20am (EST), 15:20 (CET)

    MES Systems and the role of AI – 10:05am (EST), 16:05 (CET)

    MES systems are evolving to provide a new level of sophistication to support designers and manufacturers. This panel will discuss the expanding use of Digital Twin systems, the value proposition for each step of your industry 4.0 journey and how to motivate workers and operators to buy into the process.

    AOI Inspection and X-ray in the semiconductor world – 10:50am (EST), 16:50 (CET)

    As we move towards the sub 5nm world, inspection and X-ray take on a new level of importance. Who is leading this field and what exactly are they looking for?

    Tech Talk Live – 09:20am (EST), 15:20 (CET)

    In the final Tech Talk Live from Productronica, Trevor meets the Press for a roundup on the week’s events and to discuss the lead stories in each publication.

    Cleanliness Monitoring Systems – 10:05am (EST), 16:05 (CET)

    Will accurate monitoring and reporting systems become a mandatory part of the cleaning process? Will it reduce waste and improve reliability to the point where more expensive, time-consuming tests will no longer be required?

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