• Emerald EMS Provides Continuous Improvement & Solutions for Aviation, Space, and Defense Customers to Succeed


    As a forward-thinking solutions provider, Emerald EMS has partnered on various projects such as aerospace and vehicles, navigation systems, surveillance and imaging systems, radar systems, black boxes, fuel vapor detection modules, flight control computers, weaponry, and avionics. Vital to manufacturing such mission-critical assemblies requires the highest level of quality, and they prioritize continuous improvement and adding new technologies and processes to meet and exceed this high-quality demand. There is no room for variations when producing high-quality, reliable assemblies for mission-critical customers. Therefore, they actively considers new and upcoming technologies to optimize its processes to eliminate variations. The company
    understands the importance of investing in equipment and software that gathers accurate, usable data that allows for a high level of repeatability. “By leveraging new technology to automate as much as possible, our people only have to worry about two or three things, not 10 things,” said Jason Sciberras, Site President in Saline, MI. “This allows them to focus more on how
    to optimize the quality of the products,” Sciberras added. Although Emerald EMS aims to reduce unnecessary human interaction with the product, this does not translate to reduced human interaction with the customer.

    “We are extremely proud of our customer service,” said Hartmut Liebel, Emerald CEO. “We have developed high intimacy and trust with each of our customers and will continue to make decisions to improve our technical capabilities with our customers’ goals and success in mind.” Each customer has very specific requests, and therefore, each product or program is assigned to a dedicated
    Customer Success Team consisting of experienced systems engineers and supply chain and logistics experts, all collaborating with customers to develop a plan and provide solutions to bring
    their products to market, on-time and within budget while ensuring successful implementation from concept to delivery. Included in the Customer Success Team are dedicated engineers with cumulative decades of engineering experience and a proven record of results, bringing quality, speed, and successful execution to every stage of its customers’ projects. They have extensive experience at all stages in the engineering, production, and testing of numerous products and components used in military and aerospace technology. They offer a wide range of automated test and inspection techniques designed to detect any defects that may occur and ensure the highest qualit results are achieved through the use of equipment such as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), In-Circuit Test (ICT) systems, Functional Testing, Flying Probe, and 3D X-ray inspection. The mission-critical, high-complexity electronic assemblies and components built in these sectors demand the most rigorous standards for product reliability and quality control, requiring optimal performance even under the most extreme environmental conditions. To best meet these stringent quality and performance standards, they also offers environmental testing in-house, and its Test Engineering Team can design and build any necessary custom tooling or fixtures required to fully test customers’ PCB assemblies or systems. As more companies desire certifications and compliance above standard practices, Emerald actively and continuously improves its management system, tools, and processes to support its strict quality standards. Production facilities adhere to AS9146 (Foreign Object Damage Prevention Program), are equipped with the most advanced coating and sealing technologies, are ANSI/ESD S20.20-2021 Control Program compliant, and to ensure its ability to provide aviation, space, and defense industry customers with the most rigid quality guarantees, Emerald’s Quality Management System is AS9100 certified and production processes are Nadcap certified. Additionally, customers in these sectors have the added confidence knowing that the Emerald personnel responsible for their assemblies have formal certification training to J-STD-001 (Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies) including Space Addendum, IPC-610 (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies), and IPC-7711/7721 (Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies) as a minimum. The dedicated success team also performs an elaborate contract review process to ensure compliance with customer requirements prior to each build which is translated into formal work instructions for production personnel to easily follow. Emerald EMS was established from some of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers of printed circuit board assemblies for the aviation, space, and defense industries and remains committed to nurturing and expanding on its decades-long record of meeting precise manufacturing specifications, premier quality standards, and trusted customer relationships in the sector. “Continuous improvement is key, and we consistently optimize our processes to build quality into each assembly, especially in the aviation, space, and defense sectors,” concluded Liebel. “We value our long-standing relationships and will continue to make decisions to improve our technical capabilities with our customers’ goals and success in mind.

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