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  • International Control Services Installs Hybrid Rework System from Kurtz Ersa Inc.

    Dennis Espinoza – President, and Krista Dunn – SMT rework specialist

    Kurtz Ersa Inc., a supplier of electronics production equipment, today announced that International Controls Services (ICS) has purchased and installed a HR 600/2 Hybrid Rework System. ICS’ partners require high-mix, high complexity start to finish manufacturing and supply chain solutions.

    Dennis Espinoza – President, and Krista Dunn – SMT rework specialist

    Dennis Espinoza, President of ICS commented: “Here at ICS, we find we sometimes have to do rework on very complex products. After an in depth study of what the precision repair shops were using to provide their services, we made the decision to buy the HR600/2 from ERSA and we have virtually eliminated sending any repair out to be done. In fact, we are now getting some products from other cm’s to repair for them. A truely excellent product for the processes we require.“

    With the installation of the HR 600/2, ICS benefits from guaranteed user independent reproducible repair results, as well as process control and documentation via the HRSoft operator software. Additional features include a highly efficient 800 W hybrid heating head and a highly accurate, motor-driven axis system for component placement (+/- 0.025 mm).

    International Controls Services is an EMS (electronics manufacturing services) provider for the industrial, medical, communications, defense, aerospace and homeland security industries. The company provides electronic manufacturing services in the United States adding to the American workforce. For more information, visit

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