• Vayo Technology Digitalizes the Manufacturing Process for SMT Factories


    Vayo (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd, (‘Vayo Technology’) located inside the advanced manufacturing technology innovation park of Shanghai Pudong, China, was founded in 2005. As a highly innovative software technology enterprise, the company is dedicated to manufacturing process digitalization software solutions for electronics companies from design to manufacturing.
    They have a strong technology development and product support team with strong, advanced skill sets and extensive industry experience. As a result, Vayocan help customers digitalize manufac-
    turing process experience to enforce their best practice, guarantee that they can do the job correctly at the first time, and minimize human errors to increase stability and quality. Then they can share the digitalized know-how with the entire team to automate their work to decrease the repeated rework to eventually improve efficiency for the whole organization. Since being founded 18 years ago, Vayo has continued developing innovative manufacturing process digitali zation software solutions in NPI fields while exploring new technology and approaches. Currently, the company has developed more than 20+ software products. Its team not only keeps enhancing each digital transformation oftware product for manufacturing and design,but it also upgrades the entire architec ture every two to three years. Vayo’s core members have more than 20 years of industry experience, and they strive to build a strong company with a global presence. Its software and tools can be found in more than 20 countries throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia in numerous industries, including electronics manufacturing, telecom, network, computer, consumer, automotive parts, medical, security, energy, and industrial. it is also in part-

    nership with many leading equipment providers, and its products have been selected by more than 500 clients worldwide, placing them in 2,500+ computers. The company also holds more than 40
    certified patents in the United States, Japan, China, and other countries. “With such a strong reputation for quality and innovation, our customers know that they are receiving the product capabilities, communication, commitment, and customer service they need help their products be at the top of their industries,” said Howard Liu, Senior Director, Co-founder of Vayo
    Technology. “Our goal since we were founded almost two decades ago has been to accelerate design to manufacturing towards digital transformation in an intelligent, automatic, and error-proof
    way. Everything we do in our business is geared toward helping engineers with a more efficient tool to let them enjoy their work, simplify their job’s complexity, and eventually work more efficiently.” To help accomplish this goal, they design its solutions to industry trends and customer needs. As these change, the company restructures its manufacturing process digitalization software solutions to continue providing the most relevant, detailed products available.
    These include:
    • Core PCBA process know-how digitalization (Vayo-Stencil Designer): This digitalization solution is driving the enterprise to digitalize the core SMT process (printing/stencil) knowhow. It converts the printing/ stencil process experience of an SMT factory into a digitalized, knowledge-based library, and then allows the entire process engineering team to use best practices for future products. This digitalized know-how not only can be transferred within one site, but also can be shared with worldwide sites to standardize the process. Moreover, it converts manual validation of stencil designing to an automatic process with dozens of checking rules.
    • This digital transformation brings a totally new approach of SMT quality management, which allows SMT factories to move from quality measurement to quality definition, moving quality control from late stages (ICT, AOI/AXI, SPI) to an earlier stage (printing),” added Howard. “In addition to quality stabilization, this innovation allows the entire process team to enjoy the technology of know-how digitalization so as to simplify core human resource (engineering team) management.”
    • DFM know-how digitalization (VayoPro-DFM Expert): This second digital transformation solution expands know-how digitalization from a core process step to the entire process steps of
    PCB assembly, even covers PCB fabrication and design. It contains 1,200+ checks for assembly analysis (DFA), 300+ checks for fabrication analysis (DFF) to predict design omissions, prototyping blocks, mass production issues, and reliability risks. More importantly, it allows customers to build their own DFX/DFM know-how knowledgebase with unique advantages (flexible rule editing function, adding 50+ new checks every year, rule development commitment). In 2018, after extensive R&D for more than five years, they upgraded its DFA/DFM software from a 2D solution into a visualized 3D solution; for PCB assembly, the visibility to DFM risks on 3D view (simulated PCB assembly) allows user to better understand the issue and its impact.
    • DFX task automation platform (DFX Execution System): This system is mainly for product development divisions because it leverages DFX analysis from application software solutions to system platform solutions, allowing large organizations to easily execute DFX analysis tasks from anywhere. Regardless of the PCB designers or rialization engineers’ location, they can upload DFX tasks from the web portal and receive analysis results via email after task completion. It also allows managers to see major DFX violations for the entire team, then arrange related training for the lacking knowledgeor skills.
    • Intelligent placement programming (VayoPro-SMT Expert): This intelligent software solution solves two industry challenges of placement programming with patented intelligent technology: part package data preparation and rotation/polarity confirmation. It not only minimizes 95% of business risks caused by human errors, but it also reduces 80% of cycle times for offline programming and 50% cycle time for inline fine-tuning.
    • DFT/testability & strategy analysis (VayoPro-Test Expert): Test Expert is an intelligent Design For Test (DFT) and test programming software solution for the electronics manufacturing industry that offers testability, strategy, and program generation. By integrating the testing process requirements, it provides PCBA test coverage analysis and ICT/flying probe/AOI/X-ray
    test programming quickly.
    • Visual aids work instruction (VayoPro-Document Expert): Document Expert is an intelligent software tool to automate work instructions and standard operating procedure (SOP) document preparation processes. By reading in PCB CAD data and integrating actual process requirements of the shop floor, the software can automatically generate work instructions aligned
    with workstations or NPI process documents. With this tool, document preparation is shortened from days to hours or, in some cases, minutes.
    • SMT specialized CAM tool (Vayo-CAM365): This CAM tool is for engineers in SMT factories to understand the product to be built by reading the Gerber. Based on the PCB assembly and intelligent
    technology, Vayo-CAM365 turns away from the conventional checks, introduces intelligent process difficulties review modules, and provides innovative template-based stencil aperture methods, making the CAM tool much more powerful and easy to use. More specifically, 10 powerful aperture templates allow engineers to design stencils more quickly and easily, improving work efficiency.
    “Manufacturing process digitalization brings an advanced approach of know how, quality, and people management for SMT factories,” concluded Howard. “Know-how digitalization demonstrates
    previously unseen advantages to the industry, and we believe every SMT factory will move their management in this direction in the future.”

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