• Why Choose Advanced Rework Technology For Your IPC Certification


    IPC Certification is an investment. It’s an investment in your staff, in your company and in your future. With such high stakes resting on this globally recognised training, it’s no wonder so many people question not only the training being given and its benefits, but the company giving the training too.

    Advanced Rework Technology Are In A League Of Their Own

    There are many who offer this training but did you know there are only two companies globally who are accredited training partners? One of them happens to be Advanced Rework Technology Ltd. A.R.T happens to be Europe’s leading IPC accredited trainer that offers IPC certified training programs covering all certified levels within this training. They’ve also found themselves to be the only IPC accredited training partner in the UK who cater for those building aerospace products or those working to gain contracts within that specific field, thanks to their Space Addendum training courses.

    A.R.T Will Provide You With A Complete Training Solution

    Not only will A.R.T provide you with a complete training solution but you can also rely on the fact that they offer the most experienced training staff out there who have a great level of experience, first hand within not only the industry itself but the design, assembly, fabrication and inspection aspects themselves.

    Forget simply learning from a text book and rest assured when you’re training with A.R.T that you’re learning from the years of experience their staff has gained before joining this accredited training partner. This gives them a huge advantage in not only the experience they can offer but also the way in which they’re able to train, providing a full understanding of what you’re doing and utilising their own skills to show you the technical standards throughout each and every training program.

    Award Winning Training

    Their skill set and delivery of training is so valued that it’s award-winning with A.R.T being esteemed recipients of the IPC Presidents Award. This award shows recognition of their extensive knowledge, skills and amazing dedication. It also emphasises the fact that they’ll provide you with nothing short of A-class training that you can take and utilise in your own company.

    Contact Advanced Rework Technology Today

    If you don’t currently have IPC certified training in place, we recommend contacting the guys at Advanced Rework Technology or A.R.T to have your company signed up and ready to learn. A.R.T Ltd will even offer bespoke training that can be based entirely around the needs of your company and even your specific product, with all theory and practical equipment supplied by them too. All you need to do is turn up. Call today on 01245 237 083.

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