• Alliance Electronics establishes a subsidiary in France and acquires three experienced electronics board manufacturers


    Alliance Electronics, a technology and industrial group specializing in electronics supply, has established a subsidiary in France (Rosheim, Bas-Rhin) and is in the process of completing its first three acquisitions.

    With its cutting-edge technology and recognized expertise, Alliance Electronics aims to establish itself as a leading player in this sector. With an ambitious strategic project, the Group is pursuing the goal of becoming a european leader in the high-mix low volume (HMLV) production of electronic products. Alliance has manufacturing facilities in France, Portugal and Tunisia, employs a total of more than 850 people and has made a turnover of more than 50 million this year. The Aim of the Group is to build up a network in which various competencies are bundled in order to meet the requirements of its European customers. To this end, Alliance has expanded its shareholder base with another partner: the Europe-wide investment fund Waterland Private Equity. With its international “Buy & Build” experience, it contributes to an ambitious strategy of external growth

    Damien Rossignon, a company leader in the electronics supply industry for more than 20 years, has been appointed Chairman of Alliance-Electronics. “We want to surround ourselves with companies that want to be part of this growth and thus form an association. Each company retains its own identity and at the same time contributes its energy and expertise.”

    Alliance Electronis – a name with meaning and identity
    Guided by its desire to bring together players in the electronics sector in an association, the Group has chosen a name and visual identity that are strong and symbolic. Alliance Electronics is a reaffirmation of the ambitions and evolutionary dynamics of CEOs: building a group of high-performing EMS partners who support each other in transforming their activities. Alliance offers financial strength as well as increased investment and production capabilities.

    “The world of suppliers consists of numerous small companies that often work in isolation. Our business takes place locally and is collaborative. Therefore, it is a fundamental and urgent need that we join forces to continue to stand on solid ground and show more resilience to the current bottleneck,” says Damien Rossignon, Chairman of Alliance Electronics.

    “We are looking for full-fledged companies: companies that join our association retain their own identity and corporate values and at the same time benefit from strong support in the areas of organization, finance, digitization.”

    Altrics and Proto-Electronics join Alliance Electronics
    Altrics and Proto-Electronics are among the first companies to join Alliance Electronics. Both companies specialize in electronic boards, one in medium series, the other in prototype production. They make their know-how available to all companies in the Group, including ATEMS.

    Currently, 10 other European companies (from France, Italy, Belgium and Denmark) are in talks to join the association.

    “We are committed to working with them to unlock their potential and positively impact them,” says Damien Rossignon. The human aspect should be the focus of the association. The aim is to stimulate the development of all persons in the organizations as well as the promotion of employees in diversified and multicultural teams.

    Against this background, the Group offers end-to-end support with a strategy based on 3 key pillars, always with the goal of sustainability in mind:

    • Become a true partner for customers – thanks to a range of value-added services
    • Combine the strength of a Group with the flexibility and proximity of SMEs that are close to their customers – throughout Europe
    • Making the transition to digitalization
    • Combining the digital experience and know-how of each company

    Since 2013, Proto-Electronics has been showing its know-how in integrating digitization into its industry by allowing its customers to commission their projects online.

    “We are convinced that all players in the electronics industry should benefit from digitization. We want to help manufacturers of all sizes go digital and pool some resources that are currently out of reach for certain companies due to their size,” says Damien Rossignon.

    Alliance Electronics plans to acquire 4 more companies in 2022 and wants to achieve sales of more than 100 million euros.

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