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  • BayaTronics Pairs South-Tek Nitrogen Generator with Juki Selective Solder

    South-Tek N2Gen_TS (1)

    South-Tek Systems is pleased to announce that BayaTronics purchased a N2GEN TS Nitrogen Generator that pairs with the Juki iCube selective solder machine. The system was recently installed in BayaTronics’ new state-of-the-art facility in Concord, NC.

    BayaTronics is a global technology, supply chain and manufacturing solutions partner. Design and production volume determine material cost, which has a major impact on the overall cost of a product. BayaTronics assists its customers with design for manufacturability, new product introduction, and the procurement of materials without burdening the customer with excess material cost.

    Dirk Warriner, CEO of BayaTronics, commented: “South-Tek Systems supported BayaTronics with an economical source of ntrogen for our selective soldering process, which in turn will benefit our customers. We look forward to building on this relationship.”

    The N 2 GEN series of PSA nitrogen generators are designed to produce a wide range of flow rates at nitrogen purities of 95 percent up to 99.999 percent. All units are custom designed and can be packaged with a dedicated air compressor, dryer and/or booster if needed for a complete turnkey solution.

    For larger flow rates or redundancy, duplexing options are available.

    BayaTronics provides domestic customers with a high volume, cost competitive solution with superior quality. The company offers printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), final assembly and material management.

    Dedicated staff manage each customer’s end-to-end supply chain requirements. For more information about

    BayTronics, visit

    For more information, please visit

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