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  • Danutek Enters a New Partnership with a Leading Thermal Profiling Solutions Provider

    Danutek Solderstar

    Danutek, daughter company of Altus Group, a principal distributor and service provider in the SMT manufacturing industry is pleased to announce that Solderstar, a technology leader in the design and manufacture of thermal profiling systems, will be joining the supplier portfolio.

    Working with some of the most innovative suppliers in the industry, Solderstar is another feather in the cap for Danutek who strive to ensure they provide the very best technologies and equipment to their customers throughout Eastern Europe.

    Marian Gavrilia, General Manager, Danutek said: ‘’It’s great to bring Solderstar into our portfolio. We have always worked with the best reflow providers, and our customers, without exception all require top-notch profilers to ensure their quality of output through a critical stage of the manufacturing process. That is exactly what Solderstar offers.”

    Chris Williams, Solderstar Business Development Manager, said: ‘’I am very pleased to be able to announce the partnership with Danutek, a real leader in equipment distribution in Europe and a company with an already impressive range of suppliers.

    “We are very confident with our technologies’ ability and the value they offer to users. With a new partner like Danutek supporting our line, we look forward to expanding our customer pool further.’’

    Marian concluded: “We are regular users of the Solderstar’s profiling systems to support our routine maintenance and machine implementations. This means we see daily how high their quality is and the value they can bring to our partners. Now that Danutek is the principal partner, we have the privilege of allowing all our customers the opportunity to use Solderstar’s thermal profiling solutions as well.”

    Danutek will introduce its customers to all of Solderstar’s systems, including the new datalogger, SLX. SLX is an accurate, robust, ultra-compact, battery powered datalogger used for measuring and recording process parameters from any soldering process. Requiring no user setup the SLX unit can be docked onto any SMARTLink reflow heatshield or other process accessory and the system will auto-configure itself for data capture.

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