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  • Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider MC Assembly Names New Vice President of New Business Development

    David Prunier
Vice President of New Business Development
MC Assembly

    David Prunier Brings More Than Three Decades of Experience to Electronics Manufacturer

    David Prunier
    Vice President of New Business Development
    MC Assembly

    MC Assembly, a leading mid-tier electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, has hired veteran EMS professional David Prunier as Vice President of New Business Development.

    Prunier is based at the company’s Boston facility and is responsible for growing and managing new business development for customers located in the Northeast Region, the second largest market in the country.
    MC Assembly CEO George Moore said Prunier is a seasoned veteran in the EMS industry with a strong background serving the kind of customers the company wants to work with moving forward.

    “He’s an experienced guy with a great background and we expect him to drive relationships with customers that will bring us new business and lead us in best practices as it relates to sales and marketing,” Moore said. “He’s been on both sides, doing operational jobs, running EMS sites and has done business development for large and mid-tier manufacturing companies. He’s a calm, cool and collected veteran in a lot of different areas and that experience matters.”

    Prunier brings more than 37 years of experience in high end manufacturing operations and sales including industrial, medical, defense and commercial markets. He’s held positions with several manufacturing companies including serving as president of Applied Technical Services Corporation (ATS), general manager at Plexus, vice president of operations for Three-Five Systems, Inc. (TFS) EMS division, vice president of North American & Asian business development and director of operations for CTS Electronics Manufacturing Solutions, vice president of operations for Proto Pac Engineering and business development Executive for Benchmark Electronics.

    Having maintained an equal balance of operations and business development roles throughout his career, Prunier said his operational experience is a strong asset in his ability to relate to potential customers.

    “When I go out on a sales call, I can speak from an understanding that many sales people don’t have,” Prunier said. “I worked up from the line, doing everything from inspecting and soldering and printed circuit board assembly and running equipment, so I really understand the processes.”

    By experiencing the industry from so many different perspectives, Prunier said new business development is a vital task to keeping EMS companies functioning through both the good times and the tough times.

    “You have the ability to affect a lot of lives and a lot of peoples’ livelihoods by bringing on new business and new relationships and seeing that growth,” Prunier said. “A lot of people can benefit from that kind of prosperity and it’s enjoyable; it’s fun to see that effect.”

    Prunier holds an Associates’ Degree in Computer Science from Hesser College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Franklin Pierce University. Born on the Cape, he’s a New England native. Prunier grew up in Massachusetts and moved to New Hampshire at age 18, then spent a decade on the West Coast, before returning to New England.

    Prunier has three children and two grandchildren with one more on the way. His hobbies include photography, art (pen and ink and oil painting) and writing.
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