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  • ELPEGUARD ® SL 1800 FLZ defying extreme frost


    Standard acrylic coatings tend to become brittle and crack, especially at low temperatures. ELPEGUARD ® SL 1800 FLZ impresses with its temperature flexibility, especially at low temperatures. For the automotive and aviation sectors, it is required to go beyond the lowest point of -40 °C into even more extreme frost layers. The new product extends the lower temperature limit by 25 °C.

    Long-term tests were carried out in the Peters climate laboratory. In a test cabinet of the latest generation, i.e. the VT³ 7012 S2 temperature shock system, electronic components and printed circuit boards are exposed to multiple rapid temperature changes in ranges between -80 °C and +220 °C. The coating does not show any negative effects even under temperature shocks between 125 °C and -65 °C.

    Such low temperatures could be dangerous for conventional acrylates, as hairline cracks could lead to moisture penetration causing failure of electronics in the worst case. With ELPEGUARD® SL 1800 FLZ, there is no risk of dendrites forming even under difficult environmental conditions, provided the coating has been applied properly.

    Besides its high thermal shock resistance, all ELPEGUARD ® conformal coatings of the SL 1801 FLZ series also feature a good wetting of silicone-contaminated surfaces. Of course the single-component component coating has reached flame class UL 94 V-0, UL File No. E80315 and meets the common levels in terms of insulation properties.

    In addition, these conformal coatings are repairable – which means that one can easily remove this ELPEGUARD ® product by using the thinner V 1800 and reapply the coating after repair, thus allowing cost savings in the long run.

    This high-tech coating is suitable for all types of industrial applications.

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