• GoldStar Medical Instruments Expands Exponentially with Web-Based Cetec ERP

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    “In Pakistan, GoldStar Medical Instruments uses Cetec ERP to manage all of their sales and daily business practices. With this efficient and web-based ERP system, sales have increased by 300%.

    GoldStar Medical Instruments has achieved a total web-based solution for inventory control, traceability, accounting and quality management with their implementation of Cetec ERP; a complete web-based ERP business platform.

    GoldStar Medical Instruments manufactures reusable laryngoscopes, single use laryngoscopes, and video laryngoscopes at their production facility in Pakistan. These medical devices were instrumental in treating the COVID-19 pandemic in hospitals all over the world, and continue to be used in medical facilities worldwide.

    Just prior to the pandemic in 2019, GoldStar was struggling to keep up with the flow of their business. Unable to get their orders out on time and dealing with numerous communication issues, GoldStar found that they couldn’t expand their business unless they implemented an ERP. They wanted a comprehensive ERP system that could help stabilize their supply chain, allow for total traceability, and save both time and money.

    After weighing the different ERP options available, Asad Hayat, Director of Operations at GoldStar Medical Instruments, chose Austin, TX-based Cetec ERP. With Cetec, GoldStar could achieve total traceability of a product from beginning to end; so imperative in the medical manufacturing industry. Hayat says without Cetec ERP, their business flow during the pandemic would have been quite different.

    “By the time we really selected Cetec at the beginning of 2020, COVID came,” says Hayat. “Our product that we made was one of the products that was used to treat COVID all over the world. So we had an increase in sales of like, 200, 300%. So if we had not had an ERP, we would not have been able to deliver the product on time. So software played a big role and it was exactly what we wanted.”

    With Cetec’s comprehensive all-in-one platform, Hayat and his team can handle sales and quoting, inventory management, document management, shop floor control, quality management, and financial accounting. Hayat says that he and his employees also like the simplicity of Cetec and the user-friendly interface. GoldStar also takes full advantage of Cetec ERP’s many different how-to videos, even using them to train their new hires.

    “So every employee that we hire we ask that they watch all the Cetec ERP how-to videos twice, and so that’s the only training we give them,” says Hayat. “And we tell them, if you still don’t understand after watching these videos then we’re gonna let you go! That’s actually one of the biggest things. We don’t do any hands-on training. We ask them to watch the videos and then start their work.”

    Hayat says the ROI benefits after implementing Cetec ERP started almost immediately. As GoldStar Medical Instruments continues to expand, Hayat is confident that Cetec ERP will be able to keep up with the growth of their company. Thanks to Cetec ERP, GoldStar is now running with greater efficiency, helping them expand and flourish in the medical manufacturing industry.

    Quote from Asad Hayat, Director of Operations at GoldStar Medical Instruments:
    “Our product that we made was one of the products that was used to treat COVID all over the world . . . So if we had not had an ERP, we would not have been able to deliver the product on time.”

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