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  • Heraeus Electronics Hosts ALL2GaN Event Showcasing Advances in High-Efficiency Power Electronics


    Heraeus Electronics is proud to announce that it will host an upcoming ALL2GaN event from April 9-10, 2024, at its facilities in Hanau. This event will focus on the groundbreaking developments in high-efficiency power electronics, particularly focusing on the capabilities of GaN chips to revolutionize the industry with higher efficiency, power density, and smaller sizes.

    Heraeus Electronics is proud to be part of the EU-funded research project “ALL2GaN” (Affordable smart GaN IC solutions for greener applications). This initiative involves 45 partners and aims for a 30% energy efficiency improvement with GaN compared to silicon, contributing to a reduction of 218 million tonnes of CO2 in support of the Green Deal and EU’s 2050 climate neutrality goal.

    GaN chips present unique challenges and opportunities for packaging technologies, including significant reductions in bond pad size. At the ALL2GaN event, industry professionals and experts will come together to explore these advancements and their implications. Heraeus Electronics will showcase its latest innovations tailored to meet the demands of miniaturization and high power density required by GaN chips.

    During the event, Heraeus Electronics will highlight its Fine Pitch Sinter pastes and an adapted Die Top System/Bonding wires, designed to optimize the performance of GaN chips. The company has already made significant progress in processing GaN semiconductors, with promising results indicating superior shear forces and enhanced robustness with pressure sinter pastes.

    Preliminary test results with finer Cu and Al wires have been promising, and prototype samples with small Die Top Systems have been successfully produced. Heraeus Electronics is actively collaborating with customers to refine layout designs, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

    Michael Jörger, Global Head of Business Line Power Electronic Materials, emphasizes the importance of ALL2GaN for Heraeus Electronics, stating, “The participation in such joint projects is one pillar of success in order to develop and introduce innovative materials for power electronics faster and even more successfully.”

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