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  • INSPECTIS AB Appoints Microscope World North American Distributor

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    INSPECTIS AB announces the appointment of Microscope World as their new North American Distributor. Microscope World replaces Ascentech2 LLC, which although no longer handling the majority of the INSPECTIS product range, continues to distribute the specialist range of INSPECTIS solutions for rheumatology research.

    Inspectis AB is a pioneer of advanced optical inspection solutions. INSPECTIS offers plug and play, reliable and cost-effective digital camera microscopes designed for demanding non-contact optical inspection and assembly.

    In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, said, “We’re pleased to be partnering with Microscope World. Ascentech2 has handled the full range of our products for many successful years, and will now focus on more specialized medical products. Microscope World offers quality optical instruments and is a dealer of several different brands of microscopes. Microscope World is an authorized multi-line dealer and OEM supplier based in Carlsbad, California, USA.”

    Gregg Kleinberg, Chief Technical Officer and VP Sales for Microscope World, stated, “We at Microscope World were keen to select a ‘Best-in-Class’ Video Microscope product that delivered ease-of-use and value to our wide range of customers. As a result, it was comparatively simple to disqualify other video microscope manufacturers who offer a limited-range product. We discovered that there is no manufacturer better suited to deliver high resolution macro-to-micro range imaging solutions for industry or life sciences than INSPECTIS.”

    “Inspectis AB has intelligently catered to their primary markets, the result being a tremendous catalog of application-specific solutions for the PCB manufacturer, the Medical Device or Pharmaceutical manufacturer, as well as extensive solutions addressing general industry and material sciences, including Weld Metrology,” Kleinberg continued.

    Alistair Gooch added, “The ability to deliver the Inspectis U30s UHD 4K resolution video microscope with the native Inspectis software affords a very simple tool to use and deploy, enabling inspection and ‘light metrology’. For harder-core applications requiring automatic measurement, INSPECTIS offers multiple 3rd-party software options which enable image analysis, and metrology enabled by deep machine learning / AI for automating difficult measurements, or high volumes of measurements. It’s the only solution on the planet that goes from MACRO to MICRO, and allows you to take precision, repeatable measurements at the macro scale.”

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