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  • Lenze Americas deploys Digitaltest’s MTS 30 Combinational In-Circuit/Functional test platforms to provide the highest quality to their customers


    Digitaltest, Inc., Concord, CA and Lenze Americas, Uxbridge, MA announce that they have completed a project to provide enhanced automated test capabilities for their motion controller product lines.

    Digitaltest’s MTS 30, combinational ICT and Functional systems have been deployed across Lenze Americas manufacturing plant to provide complete and automated test of their motion controller products. The MTS 30 systems provide real-time diagnostics, functional test, board calibration and board programming.

    Khalil Azar Test Engineering Manager, Lenze Americas said: “We are committed to a business model built on quality, agility and flexibility. Adding Digitaltest’s MTS 30 systems to our test floor was a necessity to accommodate increased volumes and quality our customers require.”

    He added, “The MTS 30 gives us the ability to provide real-time diagnostics, functional test, board calibration, ICT and board programming to all of our customers. When combined with the test tools and open architecture software that the MTS 30 system provides, we are easily able to deliver our customers with the high quality they demand.”

    Paul Groome, Americas VP, Digitaltest, Inc., commented: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Lenze Americas, providing them with the test solutions needed for their customers requiring automated, high quality combinational board test. With Digitaltest’s fast test processing tools, our comprehensive test techniques and support capabilities, Lenze Americas can now offer these enhanced test capabilities to their customers.”

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