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    The Murray Percival Company, the award-winning leading supplier to the Midwest’s electronics industry, is pleased to announce that they assisted yet another customer process improvement with the purchase of an N-850 Nitrogen Generator from On-Site-Gas.

    Why constantly swap out N 2 cans when you can have a self-generated Nitrogen system? Generating
    your own Nitrogen saves you time and money in the long run. Additionally, there is a substantial energy
    savings such as standby mode, only producing nitrogen when needed, etc. The ROI is apparent within
    the first 12 months and the savings are long term.

    On-Site-Gas designs and manufactures oxygen and nitrogen PSA and membrane gas generation systems. High-purity nitrogen is required in many solder applications and provides several benefits. It reduces the generation of dross in the soldering process. It also reduces the surface tension, allowing the solder to break away from the solder site more cleanly.

    On-Site-Gas Nitrogen Generators offer the highest quality products using its ISO-certified factory along with outstanding engineering experience. The company is an expert in creating reliable and cost-effective nitrogen generation solutions.

    The Murray Percival Co.’s experienced sales team can help pair your application with any size nitrogen
    generator system to meet your specific N 2 gas needs and specifications.

    Recently The Murray Percival Company was awarded Distributor of the Year by the Global Technology Awards for the second consecutive year by Global SMT & Packaging magazine. The Murray Percival Company represents and distributes for about 70 of the most prestigious companies in the electronics industry.

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