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  • New Venture Research announces the publication of its syndicated OEM electronics manufacturing report, The Worldwide OEM Manufacturing Assembly Market – 2022 Edition.


    The worldwide electronics assembly market is substantial in size, consisting of approximately $1.45 trillion dollars in terms of cost of goods sold (COGS) as of 2021. The OEM market has nearly recovered from the disruption of COVID-19—experiencing a positive increase in revenue of 2.9% in 2021 and nearly 15% in growth by contract manufacturing service firms. Forecasts through 2026 are expected to be strong for smartphones, automotive self-driving/guidance, large-screen digital TVs, and medical diagnostic and monitoring technology.

    The table below summarizes electronic assembly production value, both outsourced and performed in-house, during 2021 by market segment. The same data is available by region (Americas, EMEA, and APAC), and by OEM company. Nearly 390 OEM companies were profiled.

    Worldwide Market Summary for Electronics Assembly (EMS and In-House) – 2021 ($M)

    NVR has tracked the electronics assembly market for over 25 years, producing research reports that focus on all aspects of this industry. This special report summarizes all electronics production across three primary geographies (Americas, EMEA, APAC), seven market segments, and in-house versus outsourced production among 46 unique product application areas. The report’s market/product segments include:

    • Automotive (ECU, instrumentation, safety, entertainment)
    • Communications (smartphones, cellular infrastructure, other phones, enterprise LANs, wireless LANs, DSL/cable modems, PBX/CPE, carrier-class switches, and other telecom devices)
    • Computers/Peripherals (notebooks, desktops, tablets/e-readers, servers, workstations enterprise systems, monitors, printers, other computer products)
    • Consumer Electronics (digital TV, MP3/4, smart home/AV/wearables, games, set-top boxes, camcorders, DVD/DVR, digital cameras, other consumer devices)
    • Industrial (process control instrumentation, test and measurement, other industrial, and clean energy)
    • Medical (diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, surgical, and monitoring)
    • Aerospace/Military/Other Transportation (in-flight entertainment, flight navigation [commercial and military], weapons, C3, other military, other transportation)

    Production data is ranked by leading OEMs within each product/market segment and includes:

    • COGS Assembly Revenue
    • Electronics COGS Assembly Revenue
    • Outsourced/In‐House Assembly Revenue
    • Assembly Revenue by 3 Regions
    • Assembly Revenue by 46 Products

    The almost 390 leading OEMs surveyed were chosen not only for their size, but also for their leadership within their industry/product segment and their market share. For example, in the smartphone sector, the OEM database ranks 17 manufacturing companies in terms of COGS production value, product and market share, and with whom and where manufacturing takes place.

    This database (Excel) report is the only available source of market share information on OEM electronics production for both in-house and outsourced assembly. The report contains over 64 Excel tables and 86PowerPoint slides. For more information, contact Karen Williams at New Venture Research at 408‐888‐5667 or visit

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