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  • Nordson DIMA launches new website to promote hot bar soldering and bonding capabilities for the electronics industry


    Nordson DIMA, a division of Nordson (NASDAQ: NDSN) and a supplier of hot bar soldering and bonding systems and dispensing and coating solutions for the electronics industry, announces that it has launched a new web site, The newly designed site makes it easier for visitors to learn about Nordson DIMA’s full line of hot bar reflow soldering, heat seal bonding, ACF laminating, and heat staking solutions. A second website,, was updated to cover the dispensing product lines that are exclusively available for the European region.

    The new hot bar website reflects Nordson DIMA’s growing presence in the global market for hot bar soldering and bonding systems. Enhancements to the new website include:

    A reconfigured structure to make it easier to navigate
    The addition of new products, like the C-Tack ACF laminating desktop machine.
    New content like videos and more detailed product overviews, as well as downloadable product information.

    A fully redesigned interface to reflect the company’s new branding.
    “We are very excited to launch this new website,” said Fried Cuijten, Nordson DIMA General Manager. “It reflects our full scope of hot bar capabilities in an easy to navigate format. It offers our customers a clear insight into Nordson DIMA’s market capabilities and still-growing product lines. Being part of the Nordson family, it also serves as a portal to the diverse technologies available to our customers from other Nordson companies.”

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