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  • Robotas Drives Industry 4.0 with IPC CFX Integration for Mascot Product Line


    Robotas Technologies Ltd., pioneers and specialists in the world of THT component placement and clinching systems, has recently announced the adoption of the IPC Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) standard for their Mascot product family. This move signifies a significant advancement in the integration of smart technology within manual assembly processes, aligning with the industry’s push towards Industry 4.0.

    The Mascot product line, known for its laser-guided component placement and visual work instructions, now boasts IPC CFX compliance, ensuring seamless IoT communication across the manufacturing environment. The Mascot Clinch SMEMA Conveyor system, Board Handling, Intelligent Carousels, and Dynamic Pick to Light (DPL) Picking Indication for Component Storage are all designed to automate and streamline PCB assembly, improving product quality, increasing throughput, and virtually eliminating setup time and rework.

    A highlight of this integration is the Mascot Flowline Clinch system, which offers a modern replacement for the aging Contact Systems Clinch Technology. The Mascot Software allows users to create, edit, and sequence assembly programs from existing Contacts Systems Data, PCB CAD, or Gerber data, all of which can be produced offline without needing to access the hardware.

    Robotas’ commitment to innovation is further exemplified by the introduction of their new ‘Mascot Verify’ THT Inspection product, that made its debut in the North American market at the 2024 IPC APEX EXPO. The Mascot Verify system is designed to uphold the standard of error- free PCB assembly pre-soldering, ensuring a No-Fault-Forward process. The embedded Verify camera system plays a pivotal role in quality assurance, guaranteeing accurate component positioning and orientation at the point of placement by the operator.

    The adoption of IPC CFX by Robotas for the Mascot product family is a testament to the company’s dedication to delivering smart technology into the hands of production staff. By organizing and optimizing factory-wide manual assembly processes, Robotas is contributing to the evolution of the smart factory, where communication protocols are unified, and manufacturing processes are revolutionized.

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