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  • ROCKA Solutions Partners with the Global Leader in Nano Coating

    ROCKA actnano

    ROCKA Solutions is pleased to announce that it has finalized an agreement to represent and distribute
    actnano’s products in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. actnano’s gel-state ANG coatings protect electronics from damage due to harsh environmental conditions and can be applied using coating equipment that is standard to any electronics manufacturing facility.

    Advanced nanoGUARD (ANG) is the only thin-film polymer that can be applied on the entire PCBA including the connectors, which provides higher levels of protection and lowers operational costs. Rodrigo Cacho, ROCKA President & CEO comments, “This is a new technology in terms of conformal coating and will be a gamechanger for the industry.”

    actnano is a revolutionary nanotechnology company that enables the protection of a variety of materials from water damage and harsh environmental conditions. Specializing in automotive and consumer electronics, actnano’s thin-film coatings provide up to IPx8 protection levels.

    The viscoelastic and electrical insulation properties of nanoGUARD coatings allow for complete PCBA protection. actnano’s coatings protect complex topographies while still allowing for electrical connections to be made without trapping heat in high power components or attenuating digital signals during information transfer.

    Only nanoGUARD offers a 100 percent fluorine-free solution that is REACH and RoHS compliant.
    For more information, visit https://actnano.com/.

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