• Altus Adds a New Compact Vapor Phase Inline Soldering System to its 2022 Portfolio


    Altus, a supplier of capital equipment in the UK and Ireland, has added to its vapor phase soldering product line-up with the introduction of the new 2100 vapor phase inline soldering system from ASSCON.

    ASSCON VP2100 has been designed for mass-production and with a space-saving size of just 2.70m it can be easily integrated into any assembly line. The system uses an innovative oxygen-free process. This ensures components including complex BGAs and QFPs are processed to the highest standard. Preheating and soldering is performed under exacting conditions so product overheating, component damage or PCB delamination cannot occur.

    Mike Todd, Operations Manager Assembly, Soldering & Cleaning Products said: “The ASSCON VP2100 is a great addition to our 2022 portfolio. It meets many of the requirements that our customers look for in a vapor phase soldering system. One benefit that really stands out is that is has full inline integration so there is no need for workpiece carriers and a massive 750 x 620mm working area. The PCBs transfer and takeover process is done simply via pin chains. Production is also supported by dynamic profiling, a process for automatically controlling the optimum soldering profile in series production. This ensures perfect solder joints every time.

    “Another benefit of the system is that it includes an electrically width-adjustable transport system. This allows for fast and uncomplicated adaptation to changing products and so has the flexibility to work efficiently within modern electronics production.

    “Altus will be exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics from 8-10 February where we will be available to cover all things vapour phase. Visitors will be able to discuss first-hand with our technical team how the advanced capabilities of the machine will benefit their production line.”

    With energy prices souring, another advantage of VP2100 is its low energy consumption. It consumes 70% less energy using just 4.2 kWh per h/measurement. This is achieved as the vapor condenses on the solder product. The condensate encapsulates it completely, and therefore transmits the energy.

    To find out more about ASSCON VP2100 visit the Altus team at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics from 8-10 February stand H120 or go to www.altusgroup.co.uk

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