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  • Altus Group Helps BitBox Unlock Productivity and Efficiency Gains with New Reflow Oven

    Heller 1826

    Altus Group, a leading provider of capital equipment, has recently assisted BitBox, a UK- based electronics design, engineering and manufacturing company, in upgrading its operations with the implementation of a new reflow oven from Heller Industries. The advanced system promises to further enhance BitBox’s production capabilities by optimising throughput, refining process control, and increase energy efficiency.

    With over 25 years working in product design, engineering and manufacturing services, BitBox has consistently prioritised meeting the evolving needs of its customers. Recognising the importance of enhancing its Surface Mount Technology (SMT) reflow oven capabilities to align with growing demand, BitBox conducted a thorough evaluation process. Subsequently, with the help of Altus Group, the Heller 1826 MK7 was chosen as the ideal choice.

    The Heller 1826 MK7 delivers superior reflow oven performance through its extended heated tunnel, additional zones, faster throughput, and precise process controls, “said Joe Booth, CEO of Altus Group. We are pleased to provide this solution to support BitBox’s manufacturing expansion.”

    The Heller 1826 MK7 is engineered to maximize process efficiency and control. Its advanced low Delta T design achieves industry-leading thermal uniformity across 8 heated zones, enabling enhanced product quality while supporting precise profiling within strict process controls. The innovative flux management system incorporates a proprietary flux collection design, trapping residue for safe removal without shutting down the oven.

    We are delighted to have made this investment in upgrading and enhancing our convection reflow capabilities at BitBox, “said Jonathan Green, Manufacturing Manager at BitBox. Heller’s reputation as a provider in the industry is outstanding, and we’ve tailored the system to maximize future-proofing options and deliver significant value to our customer base.

    BitBox’s investment in the Heller 1826 MK7 addresses key operational challenges and positions the company for continued growth. With increased throughput capacity, optimised uptime, energy efficiency gains, and data-driven quality focus, BitBox can scale up production volumes, maintain stringent quality standards, and realise cost savings through optimised energy efficiency.

    “It’s been a pleasure to support BitBox every step of the way, “added Joe Booth. Their dedication has been commendable, and I eagerly anticipate the exciting projects ahead with the BitBox team.

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