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  • Blue becomes grey: kolb Cleaning Technology introduces 100% recycled andrecyclable canisters to maximise sustainability

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    As a leading provider of cleaning systems and detergents for the electronics industry, kolb Cleaning Technology GmbH is setting a new milestone towards maximum sustainability.

    From now on, all ContraFlux ® and MultiEx ® cleaners as well as most of the company’s special cleaners will be delivered in grey canisters made of 100% recycled material and fully recyclable.

    kolb Cleaning Technology’s commitment to sustainability and environmental protection has always been an integral part of the company’s values. Since the company was founded in 1988, the development of products and solutions in line with ecological principles has taken centre stage. From water-based low-temperature cleaners to energy-saving machines and water treatment modules, kolb works continuously to minimise the environmental impact of its products and processes.

    The decision to switch to grey canisters made from recycled material is a further step towards maximum sustainable practices. After use, the canisters can easily be fed into the local recycling system and reprocessed, reducing waste and conserving resources.

    The grey recyclate used to manufacture the canisters has been tested and certified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) in accordance with the criteria and evaluation methodology of bifa Umweltinstitut GmbH.

    “By introducing 100% recycled and recyclable canisters, we are emphasising our commitment to environmentally friendly business practices. At the same time, the costs remain the same for our customers,” says Christian Ortmann, CEO, at kolb. “We are proud to contribute to reducing waste and protecting the environment and will continue to strive to continuously improve our sustainability efforts.”

    This initiative is not only an important step towards environmental protection, but also a clear signal to the industry that sustainable practices are an integral part of modern business.

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