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  • ECD Debuts Market’s First Touchscreen-enabled Thermal Profiler

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    M.O.L.E.® EV6 Heralds the Evolution of Thermal Profiling with Smartphone-like, Handheld Data Access, Sets New Benchmark for Factory Floor Profiling Control

    With the IPC APEX EXPO exhibition as the backdrop, ECD unveils its latest process control innovation: M.O.L.E.TM EV6. The market’s first traveling thermal profiler with operation via a capacitive touchscreen, M.O.L.E. EV6 offers a radical new design engineered to save time, simplify data viewing and analysis, and improve productivity. APEX visitors to ECD Booth #2425 will be the first to see the new technology in person, and will have the opportunity to pre-order M.O.L.E. EV6 for shipments beginning March 1, 2023.

    “Consumers have become accustomed to touchscreen-enabled, intuitive management of most of our electronic devices,” says ECD Electronics Division Manager, Mark Waterman. “It should be no different in the factory, and ECD has been moving toward this model for quite a while. We designed our award-winning SmartDRYTM storage system with an easy-to-use onboard user interface, and have now successfully achieved touch control with M.O.L.E. EV6 – all while maintaining the robustness and deep data collection that M.O.L.E. loyalists have come to demand. This is a true evolution in thermal profiling shop floor productivity.”

    With conventional thermal profiler designs, users must program, download data and interpret results via a PC interface. Moreover, control buttons on the profiler can be vague and confusing, leading to errors, erased profiles, and other efficiency-killing events if operators are poorly-trained. M.O.L.E. EV6 eliminates these concerns, delivering process calculation templates, profile viewing, and pass/fail analysis on the device.

    “The immediacy of shop floor data access introduces a major boost for productivity,” notes Waterman. “M.O.L.E. EV6 saves time on the line, reduces required training resources, and eliminates the need for a computer to conduct analysis. What’s more, ECD’s engineers have also made M.O.L.E. EV6 practical and affordable with features like an off-the-shelf lithium-polymer battery, wireless Bluetooth operation, and built-in maintenance reminders.”

    As with all ECD innovations, M.O.L.E. EV6 is designed from a user mindset, delivering simplicity, robust performance, affordability for high-yield process control, and easy integration with ECD’s machine quality management RIDER pallets.

    To learn more, go to this link and plan to visit ECD booth #2425 at IPC APEX EXPO 2023 to see M.O.L.E. EV6 live.

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