• Electrovert® Introduces Lower Priced Alternative to Stainless Steel for High Temperature in-line Cleaning


    ITW EAE is releasing a new high-temperature polypropylene option for the Electrovert Aquastorm 200. The heat stabilized polypropylene material is able to withstand operating water temperatures up to 180ᵒF (82ᵒC). All plumbing and spray nozzles remain stainless steel with orbital welds to eliminate pressure drops and leaks. Plumbing sections have quick- disconnect fittings for easy maintenance.

    Electrovert’s Aquastorm cleaners are designed to provide complete cleaning process flexibility, superior cleaning and drying performance, process monitoring, and reliability,” said Rod Chilton, ITW EAE Electrovert Cleaning Business Manager. “The high temperature polypropylene option adds even higher performance without the additional cost of stainless steel.”

    The Electrovert Aquastorm is the industry’s benchmark for precision cleaning, performance, quality construction and life cycle durability. The Aquastorm utilizes technology-based solutions that deliver dynamic energy at the PCB surface to effectively clean under low stand-off and difficult to clean components.  Leading edge spray technologies are used within the fluid delivery systems for both the wash and rinse cycles. Aquastorm offers several drying options, including the high performing Torrid Zone™ for unmatched flexibility in configuration and performance.

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