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  • EZPro Software Solution: Streamlining Production Preparation for Cost-Efficient Manufacturing

    EZPro with ISO-Spector M2

    Marantz Electronics is proud to announce the launch of EZPro Software, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machine programming that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    The EZPro Software allows for the preparation of approximately 70% of an AOI program in typically 20 minutes using only CAD + Gerber data, eliminating the need for a PCB. Additionally, with ODB++ integration, the software achieves even faster programming times, taking a maximum of approximately 10 minutes.

    Unlike traditional methods, EZPro Software follows a streamlined, programmer procedure, reducing dependency on specific individuals and constant fine tuning and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even users with minimal technical expertise can operate the software effectively.

    AI plays a pivotal role in the software’s capabilities. EZPro Software excels in recognizing CAD formats and footprints of package types effortlessly, including multi-panel recognition for enhanced accuracy and precision in programming. The comprehensive AI package recognition extends to all three dimensions of body and lead dimensions for various package types, such as SOP’s, SOT’s, QFP’s, and more.

    EZPro Software seamlessly integrates across the ISO-Spector true 3D AOI system and the full range of Mek Through-Hole Technology (THT) AOI systems, providing versatility and compatibility across multiple inspection platforms.

    By combining true AI with a user-friendly interface, Marantz Electronics empowers manufacturers to achieve unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in AOI machine programming.

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