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  • INSPECTIS Offers Slider Plate Stand for Optical Inspection

    INSPECTIS HD-212-90_Slider-plate stand

    INSPECTIS introduces a new specialized slider stand capability for repetitive optical inspection tasks, for example, for the production of special devices such as stents.

    In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, said “While the repeated optical inspection of identical objects such as electronic components or medical devices can be tedious, our new Slider Plate Stand helps save time and repositioning. Once adjusted and set, it ensures repeatable positioning of new parts under inspection with less effort or opportunity for mispositioning.”

    Perfectly suited to applications including electronics, microelectronics, medical applications, and more, the new Slider Plate Stand offers smooth, precision movement in a specially developed and adaptable design that offers a 90-degree viewing angle for precision and ergonomics.

    The Slider Plate Stand is designed for use with INSPECTIS digital 4K HD microscopes and cameras.

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