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  • New Anti-HoP Lead-Free Solder Paste Developed to Prevent HoP Issues


    SHENMAO America, Inc. has released its new Anti-HoP Lead-Free Solder Paste PF606-P130N. The paste is specially designed for the SMT process to prevent head-on-pillow (HoP) issues.

    The demand for ultra-thin packages has increased, thus the reduction in package thickness has caused increased warpage. The warpage during the reflow process increases the gap between BGA components and solder paste, leading to HoP issues and production yield loss.

    PF606-P130N features great flux activity that can prevent oxidation of solder powder during the reflow process. Furthermore, the new paste shows excellent solderability and hot slump performance to cover the warpage of components and prevent BGA/CSP HoP issues.

    PF606-P130N is designed for the SMT process, especially for thin BGA package components.

    For more information, please visit www.shenmao.com.

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