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  • New Features Boost Speed, Accuracy, Ease of Use for YAMAHA AOI System


    Yamaha Robotics has announced Performance-boosting upgrades for the YAMAHA YRi-V 3D AOI system. These upgrades include faster board handling, multi-component alignment checking, and enhanced LED coplanarity measurement, among others.

    For example, a new stopperless transfer system brakes and stabilizes each board electronically after it enters the AOI machine, dramatically lessening the time normally needed to position the assembly for inspection. The cumulative time saving accelerates the completion of every batch and significantly increases overall productivity.

    The new multi-component alignment check simplifies programming the YRi-V to measure the distances between arrayed parts such as LED emitters in automotive or general lighting. When building automotive headlamps, users can leverage the captured AOI data to individually optimize the placement of beam-focusing lenses for maximum lighting performance. The alignment check can be used to verify the spacings between many other types of components, such as Hall sensors for precision motion control.

    The upgraded height measurement system, using a blue laser, ensures accurate and repeatable measurements for components that are difficult to capture with standard equipment.

    “Our latest upgrades further extend the YRi-V’s ability to maximize quality assurance, addressing cutting-edge automotive, industrial, and consumer applications,” said Daisuke Yoshihara, General Sales Manager. “Our customers benefit from ongoing enhancements to their YRi-V systems as we continue to make new features available.”

    YRi-V is part of Yamaha’s 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION concept, a full lineup of SMT equipment that includes solder paste printing and inspection, high-speed component mounting, and smart-factory software to ensure a high level of integration and coordination. See us in booth #2820 at APEX!

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