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  • New SATA BoltBiter Sets – The Extraction Solution for Rusted and Rounded Fasteners

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    SATA introduces two new sets of BoltBiter extraction tools that re-define fastener extraction. The new 23 pieces and 13 pieces sets include a 3/8 drive ratchet with quick release design for rapid socket removal.

    Redefining Fastener Extraction

    Removing rusted, rounded or stripped screw heads often proves to be time-, effort- and cost-effective. Thanks to their unique fastener gripping technology and bi-directional design SATA BoltBiter fastener extraction tools reliably remove stubborn nuts without damaging sockets and workpiece. Bi-directional means that the BoltBiter not only removes but also easily tightens any fastener, even severely damaged ones.

    “A unique feature of the BoltBiter socket are the innovative tapered flute openings. The sockets thus grip instead of cutting the fastener and allow the socket to easily connect with the fastener. By this they eliminate the need for a striking tool and reduce the jamming in the socket compared to traditional extraction“, explains Jan Scheeder, Product Manager Handtools EMEA. To fit a wide range of (damaged) fasteners the new BoltBiter extraction tool sets also comprise minus-sized sockets. Chrome molybdenium alloy steel and corrosion-resistant oxide finish extend the lifespan of the tools which come with a lifetime warranty.

    Choose your BoltBiter Set

    SATA introduces two new 23 pieces and 13 pieces BoltBiter sets including a 3/8 drive ratchet with quick release design for rapid socket removal. The flush mounted reversing lever allows users to change direction onehandedly without removing the wrench. Both sets come with a durable blow mold case for storage and organization.

    Advantages at a glance

    • Bi-directional design removes or tightens damaged fasteners 
    • Minus-sized sockets designed to fit extremely worn-down fasteners
    • Removed fasteners don’t jam in the socket 
    • Innovative tapered flutes for easy seating onto a damaged fastener
    • Dual sized sockets work with both SAE and metric fasteners 
    • High-visibility laser-etched markings for quick size identification
    • Square drive shaft (1/4 and 3/8”) 
    • Hexagonal base for use with included ratchet, but also impact guns wrenches, or pliers 
    • Chrome molybdenum alloy steel body for strength and durability 
    • Corrosion-resistant black oxide finish
    • Lifetime warranty 
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