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  • PDR Rework Unveils Thermo Active Suite v.8 Revolutionary Rework Software

    PDR ThermoActive Suite v.8 Software1

    PDR Rework, a leading manufacturer of BGA rework systems, is pleased to announce the release of its groundbreaking software, ThermoActive Suite v.8. This latest advancement represents a significant leap in the field of rework, offering unparalleled simplicity and efficiency.

    ThermoActive Suite v.8 by PDR Focused IR Rework introduces a new era of thermal characterization and automated profiling for rework tasks. This revolutionary software sets a new industry standard, streamlining the profiling process and reducing the need for multiple iterations to achieve perfect profiles. It also eliminates the hassle of manual adjustments to process parameters.

    The intelligent software from PDR now performs automatic
    adjustments through advanced thermal characterization sensors and unique software capabilities,
    eliminating the need for users to make real-time profile adjustments. The result is a substantial time
    savings, making rework tasks more efficient and user-friendly.

    With just two profiles provided by PDR (PB/PB Free), the ThermoActive Suite v.8 automatically
    detects the thermal characteristics of the PCB and component in real-time, adjusting to the thermal
    mass of both components automatically. This ensures controlled reflow within precise temperature
    limits, enhancing the overall quality of rework processes.

    Furthermore, the v.8 software introduces internal diagnostic routines to guarantee peak performance of the system. It includes system warm-up routines that ensure all temperature measurement devices provide no greater than 1-degree Celsius temperature variability, ensuring highly repeatable rework results.

    “PDR Rework is proud to introduce ThermoActive Suite v.8, a game-changer in rework software. This release marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that simplify and enhance rework processes,” said Dave White, CEO of White Industrial Corporation, parent company of PDR Americas.

    ThermoActive Suite v.8 is designed to empower users with an intelligent and efficient tool for thermal
    characterization and automated profiling, revolutionizing the way rework tasks are executed.

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