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  • Peters’ Solvent-free ELPEPCB® Plugging Pastes

    Flying through wormhole tunnel or abstract energy vortex. Singularity, gravitational waves and spacetime concept.

    The plugging pastes of the series PP 2795 enable bubble-free and even hole fillings, and a subsequent application of planar insulation layers in HDI/SBU technology (High Density Interconnect/Sequential Build Up) is not a problem either.

    Offering long processing times for an application by screen and stencil printing, vacuum plugging or roller coating, these solvent-free 1-component systems are also available in cartridges.
    The high viscosity adjustment PP 2795 HV enables the filling of extremely thick PCBs or higher “aspect ratios”. Good grindability, excellent metallisability, very low volume shrinkage and good adhesive strength are additional features of this product line.

    PP 2795 @@ and PP 2795 SD have reached the best flame rating V-0 according to UL 94 (UL File No. E80315). They were tested according to ASTM E595 (NASA-approved outgassing test) and listed in the NASA specification D-8208 “Spacecraft Design and Fabrication Requirements for Electronic Packaging and Cabling; Section 3.6, Printed Wiring Boards; Table 3.6-5: Acceptable Via Hole-Fill Material”.

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