• Reliable operation with push buttons

    Membrane switches for successful remote control ICARUS blue

    For more than 20 years, the ICP Group has been active worldwide as a manufacturer of electronic control systems for logistics and industry. And for almost as long, SCHURTER has been an important partner in the development and production of components for the HMI’s in ICP Group’s systems. The secret of long-term successful cooperation? “Open and honest communication with each other, in all layers of the organisation.”

    Customer-specific look and feel

    “SCHURTER develops the membrane switch for the ICARUS blue TM600 handheld transmitter. We can customise the basic model as desired by changing the colour and printing of the top layer. This allows ICP to offer customer-specific versions, with their own look and feel. We can switch very quickly in this.”


    Success Story “Reliable operation with push buttons”

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