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  • Semblant Unveils New CircuitShield(R) Semiconductor Technology and Latest Advancements in Protective Nanocoating Technology at SiP 2017


    Semblant, the global leader in innovating and deploying protective nanomaterials in the electronics industry, will present the latest advancements in its nanocoating technology at this week’s inaugural System-In-Package (SiP) Technology Conference and Exhibition in Sonoma, California. During Thursday morning’s SIP Technology track, Semblant’s president and CEO, Simon McElrea, will discuss the use of nanocoating technology in semiconductor packaging, and will also reveal new details of CircuitShield®, its anti-corrosion, waterproofing, and reliability-enhancement technology that delivers a sustainable, streamlined and cost-effective protective solution for semiconductor devices, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic components.

    “As part of the organizing team, Semblant is especially proud to present at SiP 2017 and demonstrate our latest advancements in circuit and package-level protective nanocoating,” stated Simon McElrea, president and CEO at Semblant. “System-in-Package technology is continually advancing to the point of becoming the motherboard for a vast range of devices from automotive to wearables. It is vital we bring together the entire value chain at an event such as SiP to learn what is to come and help foster collaboration in this fast-paced industry.”

    “CircuitShield represents a critical expansion of our nanocoating solutions. The continued adoption and success of MobileShield by the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers has validated our technology and presented the opportunity to expand our solutions to deliver value across many industries. Our advanced CircuitShield technology enables Semblant to break into a diverse range of markets that significantly benefit from our technology,” added McElrea.

    CircuitShield provides manufacturers with a permanent, water and corrosion-resistant defense for the device level, extending the life of the devices without taking up any measurable space. The technology uses a special chemical plasma coating that replaces more traditional, expensive encapsulants and coatings with a process that improves all aspects of component protection. With applications in automotive, medical devices, data and energy storage and semiconductor manufacturing, among others, CircuitShield enables an important move into new markets for Semblant.

    The following image shows a Semblant-coated device (left) compared with a range of traditional and expensive surface finishes, after a simulated 20-year exposure to corrosive automotive materials including hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and chlorine.

    Compared with previously impenetrable protection solutions, CircuitShield is just 50-100 nanometres thick and can be soldered through, enabling manufacturers to rework, reuse and recycle precious metals and expensive electrical components. The thin-film coating is PFOA- and PFOS-free, providing manufacturers with a more environmentally friendly solution that significantly improves the reliability and robustness of their PCBs and electrical devices.

    McElrea will be presenting Semblant’s leadership and latest technology advancements today (10:30am PDT) at SiP 2017. SiP 2017 is the first System-in-Package conference fully dedicated to covering all aspects related to SiPs — market trends, system integration/miniaturization, and new technology innovation enablers to meet current and future SiP challenges. The conference is designed to bring the entire SiP supply and design chain from OEM, Fabless, IDM, OSAT, EMS, EDA, silicon foundries, equipment and material suppliers together under one roof.

    About Semblant:

    Semblant is the global leader in innovating and deploying protective nanomaterials in the electronics industry. The company’s unique nanoshield nanotechnology solutions, backed by a broad range of fundamental patents, have been designed specifically to protect electronic devices from liquid ingress, corrosion and many other forms of damage. This saves the industry billions of dollars each year in return and repair costs. Semblant’s nanocoatings are also environmentally friendly and release no hazardous materials in the manufacturing process. The company provides solutions to the mobile phone, wearables, enterprise computing, network infrastructure, medical device, automotive and space/military/aerospace markets, as well as the printed circuit board and semiconductor/semiconductor packaging industries.

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