• SHENMAO Debuts Visible No-Clean BGA Flux SMBF-08 for Enhanced SMT Assembly and BGA Ball Mount Process


    SHENMAO America, Inc. is proud to announce the release of its new SMBF-08 Visible No-Clean BGA Flux. This innovative flux is specifically designed to meet the demands of surface mount technology (SMT) assembly and BGA ball mount processes, offering enhanced visibility and performance.

    The key features of the SMBF-08 flux include its visible black coloration, which allows for easy identification and evaluation during the automated optical inspection (AOI) process. Unlike traditional transparent BGA fluxes, the visible black residue of SMBF-08 can be readily detected, providing customers with an efficient
    way to assess flux application.

    In addition to its enhanced visibility, SMBF-08 is halogen-free (ROL0) and fully compliant with RoHS, RoHS 2.0, and REACH regulations. This ensures its environmental compatibility and adherence to industry standards.

    SMBF-08 is a versatile flux suitable for various processes, including stencil printing, dipping, and pin-transfer methods. Its excellent printability, wettability, and solderability make it highly effective for a wide range of IC packages, including system-in-package (SIP), wafer-level- package (WLP), and flip chip technologies.

    For more information, please visit www.shenmao.com.

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