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  • SHENMAO Offers Low-Temperature Lead-Free Solder Paste PF735- PQ10-10L for High-Speed Printing

    SHENMAO PF735-PQ10-10L

    SHENMAO America, Inc. has released its PF735- PQ10-10L Low Melting Point Lead-Free Solder Paste. The paste has been designed specifically for the SMT process and is applicable to the high-speed printing process to increase production capacity.

    The demand for ultra-thin packages continues to increase. This reduction in package thickness has led to an increase in warpage, resulting in production yield loss.

    PF735-PQ10-10L offers some important benefits when it comes to SMT assembly. The low-temperature
    solder paste can reduce the reflow temperature to below 190°C compared to lead-free soldering, which is typically 240°-250°C. When compared with SnAgCu, the PQ10 series of low-temperature solder
    paste reduces peak reflow temperature, energy consumption, and warpage of PCBs and components.

    In comparison with the Sn42/Bi58 Eutectic alloy, the PQ10 series offers better ductility, finer microstructure, and increased drop and thermal reliability. PF735-PQ10-10L is suitable for precise electronic products, such as laptops, PCs, servers and LED modules. Furthermore, it has been successfully mass produced on laptops.

    PF735-PQ10-10L is Halogen-free (ROL0) with no halogen intentionally added. It complies with RoHS, RoHS 2.0 and REACH.

    For more information, please visit www.shenmao.com.

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