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  • SHENMAO PF735-P267J Low Melting Point Paste Is Designed for Jet Dispensing

    SHENMAO PF735-P267J Two Syringes

    SHENMAO America, Inc. offers PF735-P267J Low Melting Point Lead-Free Jetting Solder Paste specially designed for the jetting process. It offers excellent workability and solderability for automatic high-speed jetting production with superior accuracy and precision.

    Compared to contact dispensing, jet dispensing can significantly improve production speeds by eliminating the need for Z-axis movement. Jet dispensing also makes it easier to deposit solder paste onto surfaces of varying heights.

    The low melting point alloy can reduce the reflow temperature to below 190°C compared to lead-free soldering, typically 240°-250°C, decreasing PCB and substrate deformation.

    Additionally, PF735-P267J provides energy savings, reduces the thermal stability requirement of PCBs and components, and raises yield rates.

    PF735-P267J is halogen-free (ROL0) and complies with RoHS 2.0 and REACH. Powder size ranges from type 5 to type 7 for fine dot jetting. It is suitable for fine pitch and ultra-fine pitch applications and devices with uneven, cavities and other difficult to print locations.

    Dot volume, size and shape are easy to adjust and optimize for each individual component and pad on the board by using the jetting system, and thus it’s applicable for fine pitch devices and also minimizes failure rate in production.

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