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  • SYSTEM CASCON TM 4.9.0 increases speed, flexibility and user-friendliness


    GOEPEL electronic presents the latest version 4.9.0 of the SYSTEM CASCON TM system software for automatic test program generation with numerous supporting functions.

    Configurable Production Inspector with new features

    The integrated Production Inspector is configurable and has new features. Its individual elements are freely selectable in their arrangement and visibility. A tabular display of the applications of a batch run and its test results provides an additional overview of the current test status of the batch. At the start, the contained applications are entered line by line in the first column of a table, the second column dynamically receives the respective test results. When testing several units under test (UUT) in parallel, there is one column per UUT. A coloured syntax highlighting enables relevant passages in the text of the test result to be found more quickly.

    IEEE standard 1149.1-2013 complements the system software

    The support for IEEE standard 1149.1-2013 is additionally part of the latest version. The IEEE standard allows the segmentation of the boundary register. This allows the scan chain to be shortened considerably for special tests of partial external circuits. This leads to faster test execution. Furthermore, power domains are supported, which are initially not active at the beginning of the test, but are only activated as needed during the course of the test.

    ViPX technology at IC level and with integrated ViPX Netlist

    The Visual Project Explorer (ViPX) also comes with innovations. With ViPX, the user gets a visualisation tool to easily display complex board and test information. A new feature is ViPX at IC level, which makes the internal scan structures of an IC visible. If the IC contains boundary segments according to standard 1149.1-2013, the corresponding structure is visualised. In this way, power domains and the activation possibilities of the segments can be easily recognised. ViPX-Netlist graphically displays sections of the netlist as a circuit diagram. At this point, the user has the possibility to enter comments on components and nets. Problems and solutions to problems are named to give hints for future use.

    Faster execution of JAM/STAPL files on SFX II controllers

    Finally, the accelerated execution of JAM/STAPL files on SFX II controllers is an important new feature of CASCON 4.9.0. The acceleration is achieved by an embedded JAM/STAPL player in the SFX II controllers, which eliminates the time-consuming communication between controller and PC.

    GÖPEL electronic develops and manufactures innovative electrical and optical measuring and testing
    technology as well as test and inspection systems for electronic components, assembled printed
    circuit boards as well as industrial electronics and automotive electronic systems. GOEPEL electronic
    is divided into four business units:

    • Automotive Test Solutions
    • Embedded JTAG Solutions
    • Inspection Solutions AOI-AXI-SPI-IVS
    • Industrial Function Test

    and is active worldwide with its own subsidiaries and distributors. The company generated sales of approximately 40 million euros in 2022 with about 230 employees. Further information: www.goepel.com

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