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  • TEXMAC/TAKAYA Launches FastTrack ODB++ to Takaya Program Generator: APT Conversion Software


    Takaya, the pioneering developer of flying probe testing systems for assembled Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs), announces the launch of FastTrack ODB++, the Takaya Program Generator, a Takaya-developed conversion software program that simplifies and streamlines communication between machines when generating APT testing programs. “FastTrack ODB++ is just that,” states Roy McKenzie, Takaya Group Manager. “A faster, easier route for Takaya program generation.”

    “Communication should always be easy – whether it’s between people, or machines,” Roy says. “In today’s emerging Industry 4.0 environment, most equipment in a production line is usually provided by different vendors, and most use their own means of data exchange and format of information saving. “As a result, creating an automated testing or APT program for a PCB Assembly, for example, using third-party data and software can be a real headache. Different machines, different test programs, and different languages all add complexity.”

    To help simplify matters, Roy adds, Takaya, the pioneering developer of flying probe testing systems for assembled Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs), has developed FastTrack ODB++, a conversion software package that simplifies the creation of Takaya APT testing programs.

    Using PCB CAD data that is stored in ODB++ (Open Data Base) format, FastTrack ODB++ can convert the data into APT software test programs with no need for intermediate software. It’s a more direct way to operate, with fewer hurdles to jump.” Free-to-use ODB++ contains all the information in the PCB CAD data and can reflect more information in the APT test program than third party software that outputs in CA9 format.

    FastTrack ODB++ saves time and eliminates unnecessary work. For example, Roy says, “The conversion can be based on various factors including a comparison of differences in the files. If an existing test program is generated from an ODB++ file, then FastTrack ODB++ is able to compare a revised ODB++ with an existing one and convert only the part where changes have been made.” Using this function helps greatly reduce the time and cost on test program debug, since users do not need to create a test program from scratch. “It’s another step by TAKAYA in the realization and implementation of Industry 4.0 goals,” Roy adds.

    All TAKAYA systems are now shipping with the new APT Plus Infinity Operating System environment. APT Plus Infinity sets the foundation for a series of improvements for MES communication and support for the Industry 4.0 environment. For more information, visit www.texmac.com/takaya/ .

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