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  • Unique design secures unprecedented stability at 600X magnification on new digital microscope from TAGARNO

    TAGARNO Front Digital Microscope

    TAGARNO’s new FRONT digital microscopes solves a common problem for microscope operators: interference from nearby vibrations. With its unique design, FRONT significantly reduces camera movements caused by someone walking past the microscope station or vibrations from a nearby machine, creating an excellent user experience.

    FRONT, the new digital microscope from TAGARNO, combines the Danish manufacturer’s familiar, state of-the-art software that includes on-screen measurement apps, easy documentation capabilities, advanced camera and preset settings with a new mechanical design to avoid interference from nearby movements, even at 600X magnification.

    Making investments last longer
    FRONT also can be assembled in two different ways to either increase or reduce working depth according to the size of samples and the workstation it’s being used on. Offering multiple setups to create as much flexibility as possible prevents customers from having to purchase two separate microscopes and encourages them to make smarter and more future-proof investments.

    “Since 2016, TAGARNO customers have been able to add new features and apps to existing microscopes as new technologies and features are released or as their needs change,” says TAGARNO CEO Søren Schultz. “In 2021, we also introduced the TAGARNO Power box, a processing unit that activates advanced features on the otherwise simple ZAP microscope. Being able to add new features to a microscope to avoid replacing it as their needs or processes change is very appealing to our customers, especially those that are new to the world of digital microscopy.”

    FRONT creates new opportunities within digital microscopy
    Pedersen won’t reveal what’s next for TAGARNO, but he promises that there’s more on the way. “FRONT is the first of a line of product news that we’re excited to bring to the market. We’ll continue to use customer feedback as our guiding star and find ways to offer user-friendly digital microscopy at affordable price points to customers worldwide and across industries.”

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