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  • Ventec Giga Solutions Announces Exclusive Refurbishment Service for PCB Lamination Plates

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    Fast and cost-efficient restoration of flatness and finish for repeatable, high-quality production

    Ventec Giga Solutions, the equipment division of Ventec International Group, has started offering a refurbishment service for separator plates used in PCB lamination processes. The service includes plate examination and production of a detailed condition report with assessment of reworking costs, before refurbishment by agreement with the customer. Refurbishment includes removal of unwanted material and restoration of the original surface finish.

    “Lamination plates are exposed repeatedly to high stresses during PCB production yet have a profound effect on the surface quality of the PCB,” explained Ramesh Dhokia of Ventec Giga Solutions. “Renewing these plates sooner than necessary, incurs unnecessary costs, and can be time consuming, and Ventec Giga Solutions is now able to offer this innovative and cost-effective alternative that delivers a quality refurbished plate with a fast turnaround.”

    This new service is available from Ventec Giga Solutions through the company’s exclusive agreement with Cardel Group and its German subsidiary VTT GmbH. Cardel and VTT are long term experienced producers of lamination separator plates for a variety of applications including PCBs, smart cards, and fuel cells. The company has more than 25 years’ experience producing lamination Separator plates, including development of advanced materials and coatings, and is ideally qualified to provide inspection and refurbishment.

    Inspection and reporting are available for all plates supplied by Ventec Giga Solutions’ customers, including original Cardel/VTT plates and plates produced by third parties. Refurbishment is undertaken subject to findings and customer agreement.

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