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  • Ventec to Launch New Bondply Dielectrics and Value-Added Services at IPC APEX 2024


    Ventec International Group is to reveal new products for advanced signal integrity and thermal performance, and introduce services, during IPC APEX Expo 2024, April 9-11 on booth # 4309.

    Breaking cover at the show, Ventec’s new pro-bond and thermal-bond bond ply dielectrics are formulated for high-speed signal integrity with low losses and thermal management in ML PCB stack ups, needed for cutting-edge computing and networking applications such as high layer count multilayers, high-performance motherboards and server backplanes and cellular network power amplifiers.

    The initial range includes Resin Coated Copper (RCC) and Resin Coated Film (RCF) bondply b-stage dielectric materials. RCC bondply is an unreinforced adhesive system coated onto ultra-thin copper foil (1.5-5.0μm supported on an 18μm carrier foil) for use in high performance and high reliability multilayer PCB stack-ups.

    RCF bondply is an unreinforced adhesive system coated onto PET film for use in high performance and high reliability multilayer PCB stack-ups. Ventec is launching four pro-bond formulas that deliver an outstanding combination of low dissipation factor (Df) with a dielectric constant (Dk) range to maximize the design window for critical PCB parameters.

    In addition, Ventec’s new thermal-bond portfolio significantly raises the thermal conductivity possible with non-IMS substrates. thermal-bond 5.0F with thermal conductivity 7.0 W/m.K and thermal-bond 3.0F with thermal conductivity 3.6 W/m.K are ideal for high-power circuits. Key applications for thermal-bond include LED lighting boards, network-powered and battery-powered DC/DC converters, distributed energy harvesting systems, high-speed high-performance computing applications such as cloud AI accelerators, and high-power motor drives and controllers.

    With the launch of Ventec Giga Solutions in 2023, Ventec’s service portfolio presents a value-added one-stop shop for PCB manufacturing, from innovating high-performance substrate materials to capital equipment supply, factory planning, setup, and process support. Having recently announced an agreement with Cardel Group, the business now also covers the USA and offers a refurbishment service for separator plates used in PCB lamination.

    “We continue to strengthen and extend the Ventec value proposition, leveraging our expertise in all areas of PCB fabrication,” said Mark Goodwin, Ventec COO EMEA & Americas. “We are looking forward to welcoming visitors to our booth at APEX this April, to present the breadth of solutions we can now offer to ensure resilient and secure local PCB manufacturing.”

    The Ventec booth is no. 4309 at IPC APEX Expo, Anaheim Convention Center, where visitors can see the latest innovations in specialty substrate materials, process consumables, and one-stop shop fabrication services.

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