• Collection of 3 Cleaning & Contamination Guides

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    Cleaning and Contamination Process Guide

    It gives me great pleasure to introduce this Cleaning and Contamination Process Guide. The second in a series of four that will provide a comprehensive treatise on the subject of Cleaning and Contamination. The other Guides in the series are the Defect Guide by Bob Willis, The Equipment and Environmental Guide and the Cleanliness Testing Guide. Each Guide is designed to be a live document, produced in both print and digital format with supporting illustrations, photos, tables, graphs and video clips. The Guides are authored by the leading experts in their respective fields and will be updated regularly in future volumes.

    In the case of the Cleaning and Contamination Process Guide I would like to thank Dr Mike Bixenman and his team for their extraordinary hard work in producing such an excellent reference work.


    • Cleaning Electronic Assemblies
    • Design for Cleaning
    • Material Compatibility Considerations
    • Electronic Assembly Cleaning Applications
      • Stencil Cleaning
      • Misprint Cleaning
      • Assembly Cleaning
    • Controlling the Process
    • Process Validation

    Cleaning & Contamination Defect Guide

    We hope that you find the “Cleaning & Contamination Defect Guide” a useful and informative reference for recognizing and solving problems within your manufacturing or suppliers process. The defects included in the guide are fairly common process issues or failure modes that engineers in the industry have experienced over the years.

    This guide is a live document that will be updated on an ongoing basis, with the latest edition being made available in print and as an online interactive edition. I have been involved in training, process development and disseminating information regarding printed board manufacture and assembly for many years. I have had the pleasure of writing for Global SMT magazine since the first issue.

    It’s a pleasure to launch this publication at the first NPL/IPC Cleaning and Contamination Testing Center held at IPC APEX Expo. As we in the industry have seen, the defects encountered during and after implementation of new design and, in recent years lead-free soldering have brought us a variety of new and, in some cases, old challenges.

    This guide is a compilation of defects associated with clean and no clean processes designed to help managers, designers, engineers and operatives to solve these everyday problems and to let them troubleshoot effectively and efficiently. We hope you find this a useful guide and that it helps you achieve your objective.


    • Copper Dendrites/ Surface Corrosion
    • Cleaning Under QFN
    • Mask De-wetting or Poor Adhesion
    • Corrosion Dendrite Formation
    • Flux Residue Testing
    • No Clean Flux Residues
    • Dendrites/Surface Corrosion
    • Dross or Oxide Short
    • Stranded Wire Corrosion
    • Solder Wicking
    • White Residues
    • Poor Stencil
    • Aperture Cleaning
    • Pin In Hole Reflow Residues
    • Component Process Compatibility
    • Contamination and Finger Prints
    • Gold Tab Contamination
    • Solder Spots
    • Conformal Coating Failure
    • Cleaning Debate


    • NPL Online Defect Database
    • NPL Cleaning Related Reports and Good Practice Guides
    • IPC Cleaning Standards and User Guides

    Cleaning and Contamination Equipment & Environment Guide

    I am delighted to introduce the third booklet in our series of Cleaning and Contamination books. This booklet examines equipment and the environment. The trend towards high-mix electronics has driven many manufacturers to consider more closely the differences between batch cleaning defluxing systems and inline cleaners.

    The author illustrates the different types of cleaning equipment currently available and their most suitable applications. The author also discusses stencil cleaning technologies and the various options for cleaning ever decreasing apertures sizes and coated stencils. Finally, this booklet discusses the various environmental legislation and how it impacts factories today and will likely impact factories in future years.


    • The history of cleaning
    • All good things must come to an end
    • The ECM cookbook
    • Modern cleaning methods
    • Modern cleaning challenges
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