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  • What’s coming down the tracks for printing and stencil technology?

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    Thursday, Feb 25, 2016

    Expert Panel:
    Jeff Schake (DEK), Tony Lentz (FCT Companies) and Mark Brawley (Speedprint)

    Trevor Galbraith, Editor-in-Chief – Global SMT & Packaging

    Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering

    An in-depth look at the new technologies that will affect printing and stencil technologies going forward. This free webinar is presented by Chrys Shea from Shea Engineering. After the presentation, the technologies will be discussed in a roundtable with Jeff Schake (DEK), Mark Brawley (Speedprint) and Tony Lentz (FCT Companies). The webinar will be moderated by Trevor Galbraith, Editor-in-Chief at Global SMT & Packaging.

    The presentation will review new technologies that are becoming available to help PCB assemblers boost yields, reduce costs and improve process controls.

    What you will learn? 

    • New foil materials, mesh materials, high tension mounting, and nanocoatings
    • New stencil cutting and stepping technologies
    • New solder paste flux mediums, room temperature stability, and the trend toward finer solder powder types in response to miniaturization
    • New hardware and software upgrades on stencil printing equipment

    Who should attend? 

    • Solder paste process printing technicians and engineers
    • Manufacturing engineering and quality assurance managers
    • New product engineers, especially those associated with miniaturization

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