• Foxconn to adjust business at Wisconsin plant

    Ninelu Tu, Taipei; Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES

    Foxconn will continue to invest in Wisconsin but will look for suitable business sectors there, according to company chairman Young-Way Liu in response to the firm’s decision to downsizing its manufacturing plant – originally meant to be an LCD fab – in the US state.

    Liu said Foxconn’s renegotiation with the Wisconsin government was mainly to make adjustments to the terms of its investment, and after the company confirms the new business it will invest in for the facility, the Wisconsin government’s subsidies and tax breaks will also be adjusted.

    Liu pointed out that Foxconn will continue its business development following its “3+3” strategy, which targets six major sectors: electric vehicle (EV)s, digital healthcare, robots, AI, semiconductor and new-generation communication technologies, and will not place less effort on the traditional ICT business.

    Asked if Foxconn will use the Wisconsin plant to develop EV, Liu said that the size of the facility, comprehensiveness of the ecosystem and local government support will all key factors in deciding whether to do so or not.

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