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  • Smart spaces, homomorphic encryption, generative AI, graph technologies and the metaverse will disrupt and transform entire markets.

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    Source: Gartner

    Wouldn’t it be helpful if a building could tell you when a filter in the HVAC system was causing the system to function inefficiently and needed changing? What if it adjusted the heat or air based on usage? Does your current system actively track the air quality within the building or ensure that there aren’t too many people to comply with COVID-19 recommendations?Smart spaces are capable of all these tasks, and product leaders should consider how they’ll factor into future business opportunities alongside potential investments.

    Included in this year’s Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar are 23 emerging trends and technologies with the most potential to disrupt and transform markets.
    These trends center around four key themes:

    1. The smart world: Change how people interact with the world around them.
    2. Productivity revolution: Build on core AI technologies and extend computing ability.
    3. Ubiquitous and transparent security: Underscore the importance of protecting an increasingly digital world.
    4. Critical enablers: Act as an additive force to bring the emerging technologies and trends together, and heighten the benefits by reshaping business practices, processes, methods, models and/or functions in markets where they are applied.

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